Flat Dumbbell Press

What is The Flat Dumbbell Press?

This is a special gym exercise that targets multiple large muscle groups at the same time. It targets the chest, the core, the shoulders, and the triceps.

The flat db press exercise is quite popular with intermediate and advanced bodybuilders. It complements the barbell press amazingly and helps to develop the chest and shoulders in a more proportional and aesthetic manner.

Why Do The Dumbbell Press Workout?

  • Because utilizing dumbbells enhances the ROM (range of motion) and engages muscles for longer.
  • Because dumbbells make it properly hard to cheat as you cannot bounce them off your chest like people do with barbells.
  • Because dumbbells are safer and unlikelier to cause joint problems.

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How to Do the Dumbbell Flat Press

  • Get in the bench press position with your back neutral on the bench and your feet planted on the floor and under your knees.
  • Take a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure your palms are facing skyward.
  • Pretend you are lifting a barbell so get the dumbbells in a line as if connected by a barbell.
  • With your palms facing forward push the dumbbells to the maximum position.
  • And then lower them to the chest level position.
  • The up and down motion is one rep. Do ten reps to complete a set.

Dumbbell Flat Press Male

Make sure you move the weights really slowly to engages your muscles fully and get maximum benefit.

How Does the Flat Dumbbell Press Work?

To push the dumbbells upward and away from the body, your body will automatically engage your pecs for the support. And the continual activation and stretching of the pec muscles are what will grow them.

The triceps will also be engaged with the movement.

Incline Dumbbell Press versus Flat db Press

The incline dumbbell press is just the flat dumbbell press but with the bench inclined 45 degrees from flat. It is thought to hit the upper chest better.

However, for a bigger and well-developed chest, you should include both in your weekly workout.

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Advice for Beginners

As a beginner, the best advice is to stick to the right form.

So don’t start by trying flat db press workout with heavier weights. You will hurt yourself if you do so. Do the right thing and slowly build from there. Everybody needs to start somewhere.

Another tip is that you need to squeeze your core, your back, your shoulders, and the dumbbells to enhance stability and prevent injury.

Squeezing everything will also increase muscle tension resulting in better results.

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