How to Get Shredded for That Sexy Ripped Body That Turn Heads

Getting shredded body is every man’s dream.

It is also every woman bodybuilder’s dream.

Everyone wants to look perfect and get ripped body.

Many are even looking or asking how to get shredded in 30 days or 90 days. Or less!

However, not everyone has the genes to quickly shred if they want to.

Most people have to put in maximum effort in the gym and to change their lifestyles completely to get shredded body.

Regardless of whether you’ve got the genes to shred quickly or not, we at SLIMTREE have researched and packaged the right information for you in this short guide to, hopefully get you ripped in double-quick time.

If you diligently follow the information we present in this article, you should be able to become the well-chiseled stud or dame you have always wanted to be.

Defined ripped body

How to Get Ripped Body; the benefits

Need motivation to get shredded?

Well, welcome to the club.

We all need the motivation to get into the gym regardless of our fitness goals.

In this section, I will tell you ten good reasons why you should get lean and ripped.

  1. A Ripped Physique is the Ultimate Indicator of Fitness

Nowadays, most people in the Western World are unfit and it shows in their bodies.

You can be the opposite of most people.

You can be the opposite of most people by working out.

But even if you workout, it will not be blatantly obvious to many people unless you are ripped.

So getting shredded will tell your bros and friends and whoever wants to know that you are truly fit.

  1. It Will Make You Healthy

Having too much fat in your system is unhealthy.

It will cause you obesity and that can come with cardiovascular issues and general inability to live life fully.

Being fat can also leads to diabetes and various health issues.

In contrast, getting shredded will annihilate the fat in your system. It will leave just the optimal amount of fat for different body functions.

It will also make you less likely to get diabetes and cancer.

  1. It Will Make You More Attractive

The fitter you are the more attractive you will look.

This is regardless of how you actually look by the way.

Women’s survival instinct makes them prefer men who are fit and able to protect them.

Men too are naturally drawn to women who are fit.

So if you want to become a lady’s magnet or to make yourself irresistible, get ripped.

  1. It Will Teach You How to Lose Weight

There is no way, you can get shredded without losing weight. It just won’t happen.

Now if you are able to plan and get shredded, you will have learned some vital life skill, which is how to lose weight.

You will no longer be gullible to fake tips from weight loss “experts” because you will know what to do and how to do it to lose weight.

  1. It Will Teach You How to Build Muscle

Shredding is normally a two-part exercise.

You have to build muscle fat and then lose fat and water weight to get shredded.

Therefore, by shredding or taking part in a shredding program, you will know exactly what you need to do to build good muscle.

Which is a skill that can help you later on when you just want to build muscle.

Lean Body Confidence

A Male Shredded Body: Possible with trainings, focus & proper supplements

  1. Shredding Will Improve your Confidence and Sports Performance

When shredding or getting ripped, you will have to do quite a number of compound exercises to hit all your muscles and annihilate fat from every corner of your body.

You will also need to do plenty of cardio exercises.

By doing a variety of compound exercises and cardio workouts repeatedly, you will improve your power/ explosiveness, your stamina, your endurance, your balance, and your posture.

This will result in you performing better at any sport you are participating in.

It will also make daily activities such as walking, standing up, sitting, walking upstairs, and carrying stuff, easier for you.

And with a better performing body, you will automatically have higher self-confidence.

  1. It Will Improve your Testosterone Level

You cannot get ripped without losing as much fat from your body as possible.

To get that shredded body, you will need to reduce your body fat percentage to below 10 percent.

Some researchers claim that losing fat weight is known to boost testosterone. (1)

Moreover, doing compound exercises to gain muscle and then lose fat will also increase your testosterone.

So shredding has the beautiful effect of increasing your testosterone and this comes with many benefits.

More testosterone means better memory, higher confidence, higher awareness, better cardio fitness, higher energy, higher libido, strong bones, and bigger and better muscles.

How to Get Shredded

How to Get Ripped –  Tips To Get Shredded Body

Now that you are excited about getting ripped body, I am going to share with you a step-by-step guide to help you get shredded fast.

Following these steps will help you get that bodybuilding-ready and photogenic look you are going for in double-quick time.

Tips To Getting Shredded Fast

  1. Write down Your Shredded Workout Plan

You cannot just get shredded by doing random workouts.

You need to write down a plan.

And the most important part of that plan will be what workouts you are going to do.

So write down a weekly workout plan including rest days and everything. (Check out one of our comprehensive lean muscle development workouts guide here)

According to exercise science, each workout session should not take more than 60 minutes, so keep that in mind.

  1. Write down your Meal Plan

The next most important thing after writing down your workout plan is to write down your meal plan.

Because without eating right you cannot shred right.

What you must not forget when writing your meal plan is to eliminate fast foods aka processed foods.

This is because they usually contain fats and sugars which cause unnecessary weight gain.

The next most important thing is to make sure your diet has meat and that it is as balanced as possible.

By doing all these things, you will on the right path to shredding success.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Water Sport ExerciseMost people do not know this.

You need to drink plenty of water if you want to lose weight.

So to ensure you lose maximum weight, drink water.

And then when you want to finally shred after weeks of drinking water, you should reduce your intake.

This will enable you to lose water weight and look as shredded as possible.

  1. Target Big Muscles

Now you have an idea about how to plan, what to eat, and the crazy amounts of water you need to drink initially.

The next step is on which workouts to focus on.

In my opinion, you should focus on compound exercises that hit multiple large muscle groups at the same time.

The activation of multiple muscle groups at the same time will not only develop and make them bigger but will also increase your overall metabolic rate and incinerate more fat.

This will result in fantastic shredding if done correctly.

Examples of compound exercises include squats, deadlifts, dips, the bench press, burpees, kettlebell snatches, and so on.

(The best ones are detailed in the section below)

Best Workouts for Shredding

Below are the compound exercises and workouts that will quickly give you a ripped abs physique.

  1. Deadlift

Kettlebell DeadliftThe deadlift is known as the king of workouts in bodybuilding circles.

This is because of how many muscles it activates and the degree to which you can use it to challenge your strength and power.

Doing a deadlift properly will activate your abs, your back muscles, your shoulder muscles, your leg muscles, your hip muscles, your quads, and your hamstrings.

The fact that it will activate all these muscles makes it the perfect shredding workout. View deadlift workout here!

  1. Squat

Squat to ShredThe squat is such a big bro workout that you will feel very proud of yourself when you master it.

Because it is the exercise big bros dig and use to show off.

It also happens to be a very good ripping exercise because it activates multiple large muscles including the core muscles, leg muscles, and back muscles.

There are several variations of the exercise that you can use to target various muscle groups. The barbell squat is the most popular one.

  1. Dips

Calisthenic DipsDips are magnificent for shredding. They can be used by both beginners and advanced bodybuilders for shredding.

The easiest dips to do are bench dips. The second easiest ones to do are bodyweight dips. While the most difficult ones are weighted dips.

To ensure your muscles hypertrophy as much as possible, you should go slow when doing dips.

The exercise targets triceps and shoulder muscles. View this cardio intensity tips!

  1. Pull-Ups

Pull-Ups TrainingI love pull-ups. This is because they are the only exercise that hit my back the best.

I recommend them to anyone who asks me about back workouts especially when they want to appear well-chiseled when they work out.

There are many variations of this workout. Choose the easiest one you can do and start there.

  1. Military Press

The Military Press aka the Shoulder Press is an exercise that works the deltoids for that rounded shoulder-look.

It is usually done in the upright position for the purpose of stabilizing the core.

In addition to the deltoids, the military press also activates the core muscle group. It can make your abs pop out.

  1. Bench Press

Bench Press ExercisesLast, but not least, in this list of exercises you should do to get shredded fast is the bench press.

It is a compound and power exercise that is perfect for workout out the chest, triceps, and shoulder. You need these muscles to pop out if you really want to look ripped.

There are many variations of this exercise.

The most popular one is the flat bench press. The decline and incline bench presses are also quite popular.

The flat bench press hits the mid-chest, while the incline and the decline bench presses target the upper chest and the lower chest respectively.

  1. Cardio

Cardio Strip FatMost of the exercises I have mentioned above will build your muscles.

They will make them big and huge.

But when the time is right, you will need to strip fat, water, and that general puffiness from your muscles. And there is no better way to do that than by doing cardio.

The best cardiovascular exercise to rid your muscles of fat and exercise water is simply running.

Running will help you lose fat and water.  (View our full cardio exercise here!)

As mentioned before, towards the end, you should also reduce your water intake for the complete dry and chiseled look.

Can You Get Shredded In 7 Days, 30 Days, Or 60 Days?

Many friends and acquaintances normally ask me, “How does it take to get ripped?”

Well, the correct answer is at about two to three months but many people don’t want to hear that.

This is because they have been lied to online by fitness “gurus” and clickbait articles intending to make money off their naivety.

Why does it take two to three months to get ripped? Because your body is not a machine. Therefore, you cannot repair it overnight.

To ensure it changes, you need to give it the right food, the right exercises, and time.

And that time is two to three months.

And that too depends on your current level of fitness. Those who are unfit will need more time.

Are you a Female Looking to Lose Fat? If Yes, Read this.

Female Shred Fat Los BodyThe female body stores plenty of fat in the stomach region that is particularly difficult to eliminate.

This is why women typically find it difficult to lose weight compared to men.

Moreover, most women also only focus on running to lose fat and dance classes and so on.

Although useful, these techniques alone are not enough for most women.

You need to include compound exercises such as the ones suggested above to be able to torch fat in all areas and continue to lose fat long after you step out of the gym.

And do not fall for the widely held myth that doing compound exercises makes women huge.

The well-built and almost manly women you may have seen in magazines do much more than simple compound exercises to become the way they are.

A Small Bit about Shredding Supplements

This section of the article is for those who find it difficult to grow. It is for those who regardless of how hard they try, they do not get ripped.

My advice for such people is to get shredding supplements. And not just any shredding supplements but those that are natural or have natural ingredients.

In my research, I discovered that the best natural supplements for shredding are caffeine (1), green tea extract (2), protein powder, and Yohimbine.

Caffeine is known to burn fat by increasing metabolism, green tea extract is known to burn fat by promoting thermogenesis, protein powder is known to boost muscle development and burn fat naturally, while Yohimbine curbs appetite and promotes natural weight loss.

So if you are looking for a shredding supplement, make sure it has any of the above-mentioned natural fat burners or better – try full cutting stack to boost your results.


You might have found this article by searching “how to get shredded in 30 days?” I am sure if that was you, then you are disappointed because I said it is not possible.

And that is really the point of this article – to show you the truth about getting shredded.

To tell you what you really need to know to get ripped.

In it, I have talked about the benefits of getting ripped, how to get ripped, the best shredding exercises and other important snippets of information about getting ripped.

I hope you found this information useful and that it guides you in your shredding journey.

NOTE: Do keep tap for more guides on slimtree resources!




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