Bodybuilding Cutting Diet Guide: Expert Tips for Lean Meal Plan for Beginners

Natural Cutting Diet Guide

Natural, simple cutting bodybuilding meal plan for effective results!

Are you trying to get ripped for the summer or for a bodybuilding competition?

Are you looking for a simple bodybuilding diet for beginners to help you achieve your fitness and workout goals?

This cutting diet plan example may really help you.

Our cut meal plan is designed to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders to significantly cut their body fat percentage to the extreme.

To lose fat and general bodyweight, you need to experience a caloric deficit.

A caloric deficit is a state whereby your caloric intake is less than what is needed to maintain your current bodyweight.

In other words, cutting meals is whereby you eat less food than what is needed by your body for its usual functions.

A caloric deficit usually results in loss of fat as the body will turn to using stored fat as a source of energy.

The number of calories you need to cut is unique to your bodyweight, activity levels, and several other factors.

The cutting diet plan I propose in this post shows the kind of meals you should be eating to cut out fat weight.

This guide is not only about bodybuilding diet for beginners and pros

It also includes guidelines for cutting and things to have in mind when cutting.

NOTE: We also have bulking diet plan guide here!

Cutting diet bodybuilding guidelines

Before I share with you my sample bodybuilding diet plan for cutting, let’s go through some cutting guidelines.

This cutting diet bodybuilding guidelines will make you aware of what to do to make your diet, the best cutting diet.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Hydration is key and important part of cutting meals. It is recommended that you take plenty of water when attempting to lose weight.

This is because water will boost metabolism and somewhat suppress your appetite.

You can also hydrate by drinking black coffee or green tea.

Other drinks such as soda, smoothies, chocolate, and so on are not recommended because they come with extra calories.

  1. Cut out sugary foods

If you take plenty of sugar foods and you do not work out frequently and intensely enough, the foods will be stored by the body as fat.

This would be detrimental to your cutting mission.

You should, therefore, cut foods with high sugar content. Common examples include soda, cakes, cookies, and the likes.

Pasta, white bread, and white rice also have high sugar content.

Since they have other useful macronutrients, you should replace them with alternatives such as brown rice, brown bread and whole grains.

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Bodybuilding diet for beginners and pros: Let us know what you like about our cut meal plan and what more is needed?

  1. Take less fatty foods

It is common knowledge now that you should avoid fatty foods if you want to lose weight. However, not all fatty foods should be avoided.

There are good ones and bad ones.

Your body needs the good fats to stay healthy.

However, since you are cutting, you should generally take less fatty foods regardless of whether they have good or bad fats.

Of your daily reduced caloric intake, your good fatty foods intake should not exceed 20 percent.

  1. Do cardio and heavy lifting

The key to cutting is achieving a caloric deficit. You can do so by reducing the amount of food you generally take.

You can also create a caloric deficit by doing a lot of cardio.

Doing cardio will help you to burn more fat, while heavy lifting will help you to burn more fat when training and for up to 48 hours after training.

  1. Tweak your plan

After you start your cutting diet plan, you should weigh yourself at the end of every week. If you are losing between one and two pounds per week, then you are on the right track.

If you are losing less, then you should reduce the amount calories you are consuming even further.

If you are losing significantly more than two pounds a week then you should increase your intake a bit to ensure you do not do any damage to your body.

So it is important to tweak your cutting meal plan best on the results you are getting.

Armed with the information above, you should be able to cut considerable weights in just a few weeks’ time.

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Simple bodybuilding cutting diet plan example 

To achieve a caloric deficit, you need to find out what your daily caloric intake. There are many apps and online calculators to help you do this.

Your daily caloric intake if usually your maintenance intake. You need to reduce it by about 15 percent to get to a state of caloric deficit.

And while you reduce it, you need to still make sure that you get less than 20 percent of your calories from good fatty foods, 30 to 40 percent from proteins, and the rest from carbs.

The following are breakfast, lunch, and supper options to help you make a simple cutting meal plan.

Breakfast meal choices

  • Pancakes made from whey protein (each provides about 110 calories)
  • A hardboiled egg with asparagus soldiers (about 180 calories)
  • Two whole meal toasties and four scrambled eggs (about 400 calories)
  • A protein shake, a couple of blueberries, and 50 grams of whole grain porridge (about 340 calories)
  • Three slices of brown bread and a cup of brown coffee (about 220 calories)
  • A bowl of plain cooked white rice (about 200 calories)

Lunch meal choices

  • Chicken with brown rice and broccoli (about 400 calories)
  • Lean ground beef with brown rice and green beans (350 calories)
  • Lean sirloin steak with baked potatoes (400 calories)
  • Chicken wrap with hummus, olives, and cucumber (250 calories)
  • Steamed white rice with vegetables (200 calories)

Supper options

  • Singapore-style noodles (about 400 calories)
  • Grilled chicken with baked potatoes (500 calories)
  • Chicken stew with beans and quinoa (350 calories)
  • Chicken burger with a wholegrain bread and a fried egg (500 calories)
  • Tuna steak with asparagus, broccoli, and 2 sweet potatoes (350 calories)
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Cutting bodybuilding meal plan: Consider fresh, organic wholesome foods

As for the meal options above, you can tweak them as you deem fit. The approximated number of calories are based on one cup servings.

You can generally eat the very same foods you have been eating but only in less quantities if your diet has been balanced and you will be able to cut weight.

The meal options suggested above include tasty but healthy options to show you that a good cutting diet does not necessarily involve bland and uninteresting food.

Apart from the meals, you should take snacks in between meals to keep your hunger levels down.

Examples of good snacks for your bodybuilding cutting meal plan include:

  • Greek yoghurt
  • A protein shake
  • Almonds
  • An apple
  • Mixed nuts
  • Low fat cheese
  • Popcorn
  • A banana
  • A hardboiled egg
  • Tea/ coffee and bread

Simple Bodybuilding Meals: The Conclusion

Cutting is a difficult part of bodybuilding. In fact, it can sometimes be even more difficult than bulking.

To cut effectively, you need to achieve a caloric deficit; you need to eat less. But while eating less, you still need to get the right amount of proteins, carbs, and good fats in your body.

Follow the simple bodybuilding meals and the examples of meals provided in this guidelines to get that ripped physique you are looking for.

Discipline and consistency will be key to your success. You will only be able to get results if you are disciplined enough to stick to your cutting diet and to exercise hard and frequently.

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