Kettlebell Snatch Workout for Male & Female

What is Kettlebell Snatch workout?

Kettlebell snatch aka the KB snatch is a special type of advanced exercise that is perfect for working out the entire body.

So if you have been looking for one exercise that will give you a thorough full-body workout, this is it.

This exercise can be done as a cardio or a strength training workout.

Even though the kettlebell snatch exercise works out the entire body, there are several large muscle groups that it hits hard.

They include the back, the hamstrings, and the rear side butt.

Kettlebell Man Exercise

Apart from providing a full-body workout, the kettlebell snatch also helps to improve cardio fitness, coordination, power, strength, and posture.

Now that you know what it is, I have got some not-so-good news for you: it is an advanced exercise that you should only do after mastering kettlebell preparatory exercises.

The preparatory exercises include high pull, getup, and Turkish kettlebell exercises.

Once you master the movement of the kettlebell using these exercises plus gain the strength required to move the kettlebell perfectly, you will be less prone to injuries when doing the kettlebell snatch.

Do you want to do kettlebell snatching like a pro without jacking your shoulder or banging your wrists?

If yes, then read on.

I have researched and packed all the information you need about proper kettlebell snatching in this article.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Snatch Exercises

If you have never done this workout before and you are wondering why people are so hyped about it, read its benefits below.

There is a high likelihood that you too will be hyped about it by the time you are done.

  1. It is a Full-Body Workout

Posterior and Anterior Full Human BodyAnybody who has done this exercise will confess to you one thing, it is a total body workout.

In other words, if you do it perfectly it will hit all the major muscles in your body and give you that euphoric feeling that comes after a real-good workout.

The major body muscles it targets include the back muscles, the shoulder muscles, the calves, the abs, the hamstrings, the hip flexors, and the quads.

In short, kettlebell snatching will exert effort and workout nearly all your major body muscles.

  1. It is a Fat BurnerLose Fat Kettlebell

Want to experience a total burn?

Well, kettlebell snatching is one of the best ways to do it.

The exercise is known to considerably increase metabolism and burn a crazy number of calories during and up to 48 hours after the exercise.

Because it activates the largest muscle groups throughout the body.

A recent study by a respectable American institution estimated that the exercise burns as many as 20 calories per minute. (1)

  1. It Improves Balance and Flexibility

The fact that this exercise hits all the largest muscle groups in the body, means it enhances flexibility and overall body coordination.

Every perfect or near-perfect repetition of the exercise you do will also involve a couple of highly beneficial flexions and extensions.

These will also improve balance and coordination.

  1. It is a Fantastic Strength Training Exercise

The kettlebell snatch is an amazing strength and power training exercise.

Doing it will strengthen your large muscles, will challenge your muscles to grow, will boost your stamina, and will improve your overall strength.

To use the exercise to build strength and power faster, you will simply need to gradually use heavier kettlebells.

  1. It is perfect for Improving Cardiovascular Fitness

This exercise entails making fast and explosive movements.

The movements will challenge your cardiovascular system probably like never before.

In a landmark recent study (published on acefitness cited above), kettlebell snatch exercises were found to maintain BPM by between 86 and 99 percent of the maximum.

This shows you just how much they challenge and can improve your cardio fitness.

  1. It is Exciting and it Improves Handshakes

Unlike most other exercises, Kettlebell snatching is pretty exciting to do.

This is because it is something that if done correctly, provides you with that amazing euphoric post-workout feeling.

It is also exciting in the sense that it will make you look like a very advanced trainer when you do it in front of your gym bros.

As mentioned, it also improves handshakes because of the way it makes you grip the kettlebell handle for maximum control.

So if you have an average handshake, it can change that and make it manlier.

  1. It is Cheap and Convenient

In my opinion, this is the best benefit of this exercise. Why? Because you do not need a gym to do it.

You simply need to get a single kettlebell to begin with.

Once you acquire the kettlebell, you can do the exercise at any time of the day without needing to pay gym fees or transport to your gym.

Hence, if you have been looking for the perfect full-body workout that you can do at home, you can stop now. Because this is it. This is what you have been looking for.

How to do the perfect basic kb snatch workout

Now that you are completely familiar with the benefits of the workout, it is time to learn how to do it.

So how do you do the perfect kettlebell snatch workout?

Well, you simply follow the four steps below:

  • Position the bell on the ground between your legs but slightly in front of you. Make sure that your feet are only shoulder-width apart. This will help you to achieve stability and ensure you do the first movement correctly.
  • Bend as if doing a squat and grip the bell with your right hand (not fingers) and pull it up in a straight line with your hand facing you to build momentum.
  • When pulling the kettlebell back, use your hips (as you would when squatting) to drive forward and at the same time flatten your back to bring the kettlebell up towards your chest.
  • The moment the kettlebell gets to your chest level, you should be standing straight for balance. You should then pull the bell further back and slide your grip around it and use your palm to punch it upward and hold it with your arm straight over your head. This is the finish position of the first rep.

Things to note

When punching the kettlebell up, you should bring it to a halt with your arm fully stretched.

And if you have moved it correctly, it should rest on or near your back wrist area. If it hits your wrist you should improve your timing.

If you are kettlebell snatching in the correct form, you should be doing every rep in a single uninterrupted motion.

So do the entire movement as if you are swinging the bell but don’t actually swing it if you want the maximum benefit.

Popular Kettlebell Snatch Techniques

Below are some of the popular techniques done especially in the Western World.

  1. The Corkscrew Snatch

Corkscrew SnatchWhen you get the bell to the overhead position, there are various ways you can bring it down.

Under this variation, you should turn your hand to face you and then bring it down by pulling your elbow downward and onto your ribs and slowly enabling the bell to corkscrew itself and your wrist down to the floor.

The corkscrew snatch is perfect for improving your wrist strength and building your endurance.

  1. The Double Snatch

This kettlebell snatching variation involves the use of two kettlebells.

You hold one in each hand and move them both at the same time.

It is quite a demanding variation of the exercise but it cuts the rotation and ensures stability throughout the movement.

  1. The Dead Snatch

Kettlebell Dead Snatch

Kettlebell snatching often involves doing ten reps for each arm. It works out all the major muscles this way.

However, to focus more on improving your power and your explosiveness, you should do the dead snatch.

It involves performing the normal kettlebell snatch but with the bell close to your body throughout the movement.

This will require more power unlike the swing momentum in the basic kettlebell snatch movement.

Who should be Kettlebell Snatching?

Well, this is a full-body workout. It is beneficial to everyone.

It is more suited for men because it is a strength and power exercise. And even go well with natural protein supplements or stacking for lean muscles development.

However, women will also find it useful because it also has massive cardiovascular benefits.

However, women who choose to do it should first use smaller weights to gain balance and control before progressing to heavier weights. Otherwise, injuries could occur.


Kettlebell snatching is a total body advanced workout. When done perfectly it creates euphoria and provides massive strength and cardio benefits.

It can be done by both men and women and is quite beneficial to both genders.

It can also be done at home making it a very convenient workout.


2. Learn more on home guide here

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