Insanity Pure Cardio Guide: Tough Training with Loaded Benefits!

Alright, if you are past the beginner stage and you need some INSANE results, then this is for you.

For today’s article, we will aware you of Shaun T’s insanity pure cardio workout.

Shaun is a celebrity trainer that helped DOZENS of people, reach their dream physiques and levels of performance.

So, if you don’t yet know what insanity pure cardio is, we’ll give you a good analysis.

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Breakdown of insanity cardio workouts / training

The insanity cardio workouts is relatively short. Just about 40 minutes.

Now it may sound like a little time, but the length of the workout shouldn’t fool you, as it is literally INSANE, as you can guess by the title.

40 minutes is plenty of time for you to achieve a good sweat and an elevated heart rate.

So, essentially, this workout is kind of like high intensity interval training, but with a good additional touch of intensity.

Instead of intervals, we go balls to the wall for the WHOLE duration of the workout. Rests are little to none.

Generally, we have a couple of blocks during the workout, where we go in the REDLINE, or in other words, maximum intensity.

To the limit of our capabilities and beyond.

These blocks last about 3 to 5 minutes and after each block, we have a brief rest period, long enough for us to take some air in and allow the energy to recovery briefly.

The goal here is to work at maximum capacity for as long as possible.

To get insane results, you have to do insane workouts. Simple as that.

This workout promises results session after session and in less than 2 months, substantial changes to your body composition will be visible.

The workout is designed to help you shed fat, build muscle and shape up the body overall.

How it works

How Insanity Cardio Works

Shaun is not a newbie when it comes to helping people, which is why she is well-aware of the importance of a good warm-up, prior to the workout.

This is the first part- A full body warm up, that helps prevent injuries.

Straight away, you will feel as you’ve already done a workout, after the warm up. You’re basically moving non-stop.

Once we’re past the warm up stage, the essential part of the workout begins:

On there, we have agility drills, balance drills and other exercises that challenge your limits.

Afterwards, we have brief football sprints, during which you have to quickly pivot, switching directions.

Be careful here though! Don’t overdo it, and avoid sharp turns, as that will stress the menisci of the knee.

After that, we transition to a pool of diverse exercises that will make your heart go nuts even further and the sweat will start dripping in no time.

During that middle part, you will have a breathing reminder, as breathing greatly helps energy releasing processes in the body.

Judging by the characteristics of this non-stop workout, it is a primarily aerobic one.

However, you have a good deal of strength and balance exercises, that engage your core and the rest of your musculature.

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Motivated outdoor execise

Besides helping people with practical advice, Shaun T is a MASTER motivator.

Just observing his work ethic will get you motivated enough, to keep you digging through this tough workout.

Keep in mind, once you feel exhausted- Take a rest.

You don’t want to faint.

However, don’t forget to challenge yourself and know that the MIND fails before the body does.

Another important mention here is exercise execution: If it’s getting sloppy, pause.

Rest a bit.

Drink a bit of water and continue with proper exercise execution, even if it means a slightly slower pace.


To do this workout, you have to be way past the beginner stage, having established some strength and endurance.

Keep in mind that it’s normal to not make it all the way through during your first insanity pure session.

Stay consistent and results will speak for themselves.

Workout after workout, you will be feeling the progress and that will be an even bigger source of motivation.

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