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Hydroxycut Reviews: Amazing Top Selling Weight Loss Supplements and Fat Reduction Aids for Men and Women

Hydroxycut is a big Canadian weight loss brand.

The brand was at first developed and sold by the renowned MuscleTech Research Company.

It is now sold by another company by the name Lovate.

Just from the short history of the company I have briefly mentioned above, you can tell that Hydroxycut products are based on science and research.

Therefore, they are more likely to work than not.

According to the company, the main fat-shredding ingredients in its products include green coffee bean extract, wild mint extract, cumin extract, lady’s mantle extract, and caffeine.

Multiple studies and anecdotal reports have revealed that these products can reduce fat weight in one way or the other.

So whatever Hydroxycut product you pick, you can expect it to provide you with good results especially in terms of weight loss.

Most Hydroxycut products also have additional fitness benefits including mental sharpness, improved energy, and so on.

Although the manufacturers had some problems with the FDA at some time back, the products are now well-accepted on the market and carried by nearly every major online retailer.

In fact, Hydroxycut products are so widely accepted on the market that some of its ambassadors are widely known. For instance, one of the current ambassadors is Sean Thomas from ABC’s The Bachelor Season 17.

The product even sponsors a racing team at NASCAR.

In this post, I am going to tell you all you need to know about the best Hydroxycut supplements and how they work.

Let’s jump straight into it!

The Top Hydroxycut Supplements



Hydroxycut Black Reviews

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Hydroxycut BlackAbout the product

This product is one of the latest fat-shredders from available online.

And it is definitely one of the best formulations from Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut Black is marketed as a great supplement for serious weight loss, for jumpstarting metabolism, and for boosting energy levels.

While the claims above might sound a bit too positive, the fact is that Hydroxycut has a reputation for making very effective supplements that actually provide the above-mentioned benefits.

How it works

This product is totally worth all the hype associated with it. This is because it contains a good number of ingredients that studies have proven can actually reduce weight through different mechanisms.

For example, the two of the most powerful Hydroxycut ingredients in it are Yohimbe extract and caffeine.

These two compounds help with weight loss in different ways.

They increase the rate of removal of fat from fat stores so that they can be readily availed to the muscle cells and other cells for use as fuel.

More importantly, they increase the rate of metabolism.

This is arguably the main way that this product works.

This is because increase in metabolism increases the amount of energy used/ the number of calories burned.

The benefits above are enough to help you lose significant weight over time.

Moreover, there is also one additional ingredient that enables this supplement to allow you to lose even more weight.

The ingredient is Alpha Lipoic Acid. It works by reducing the glucose in circulation.

This action forces the body to turn to fat as a source of fuel and thereby increasing the amount of fat being burned.

And, greatly boosts weight loss. .


  • This is a reputable brand
  • Sold at a fair price
  • Has great fat burners
  • Increases energy
  • Helps control appetite


  • High amount of caffeine
  • May cause caffeine-related Hydroxycut side effects such as headache.
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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Reviews

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About the product

This is a one of a kind supplement.

It is primarily a fitness supplement that includes fat torching compounds.

The supplement is blended to provide athletes, bodybuilders, fitness freaks, and regular Joes with energy, mental alertness, and enhanced thermogenesis (fat torching) during workouts.

The original Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite was introduced to the market in late 2003.

Since then it has been considered the go-to workout supplement by many ladies and gentlemen.

Although the original formulation contained ephedrine, which was later banned by the FDA, this new formulation is powered only by natural plant-based fat burners.

Even though this supplement is usually promoted as a fitness product for professional athletes, it can be similarly effective even when consumed by those who are new to fitness.

It is especially effective when it is combined with a healthy diet and regular workouts.

If you combine it with a healthy diet and regular workouts, you should be able to drop significant pounds!

How it works

To understand how it works, let’s first check the expected results.

The results are intense weight loss, enhanced focus, and great energy.

Intense weight loss is brought about the green bean coffee extract in the supplement.

Several scientific studies have shown that the extract can help people cut their weight.

In one particular study, the extract was shown to help people lose as many as eleven pounds within just eight weeks.

This was when the extract was used as it is in this supplement combined with a balanced diet and good exercise.

The supplement also provides good energy.

It provides this energy because it has got caffeine which is known to stimulate the brain and increase alertness.

Caffeine is also known to aid in weight loss.

Lastly, this dietary supplement increases focus through a combination of very rare plant compounds.


  • It is a powerful weight loss supplement
  • It increases focus
  • It provides extreme energy through its caffeine anhydrous ingredient
  • It is made by a popular brand


  • Since this product contains caffeine, there is a minor chance that it could cause increased heart rate
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Hydroxycut Max For Women Reviews

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Hydroxycut Max For Women
About the product

This is one of Hydroxycut’s bestselling products on Amazon.

This famous brand product is popularly used as a diet pill by many women around the world.

It is also popular among bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.

If you have been training hard and eating well, this is the perfect supplement for you.

It is what will take you to the next level because it has some very good ingredients in good quantities.

This Hydroxycut for women will carve out all the fat to reveal your sexy silhouette.

You will get to the best shape of your life by taking it regularly.

However, remember you do need to continue training hard and eating well to get good results.  

Some of the key benefits of taking this product include enhanced mental focus and physical performance, higher energy levels, lower fat percentage, and intense weight loss.

How it works

This brilliant supplement works pretty well because it is made of a proprietary compound that is blended with activated caffeine.

The caffeine in it is known to bring about intense weight loss and to significantly boost energy.

The caffeine causes weight loss by supercharging your metabolism and significantly increasing your body’s fat-burning capability

The increase in energy will also help you to lose significant weight since it will allow you to train harder and burn more calories in the gym before you get exhausted.


  • Intense weight loss
  • Provides support to hair, nails, and skin
  • Acts fast to boost energy and to jumpstart metabolism
  • Includes rapid release pills
  • Superbly effective
  • Comes in convenient-to-take rapid-release Hydroxycut pills


  • It is more ideal for people who actively train
  • It may have side effects because of caffeine
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Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Reviews: The Original

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Pro Clinical Reviews

About the product

This is another superb Hydroxycut product.

However, unlike the other ones we have discussed, this one not only helps you to lose weight but also to keep it off.

One of its main ingredients is caffeine anhydrous.

The manufacturer of the supplement has established through research that this ingredient can boost metabolism and heighten energy levels.

A higher rate of metabolism will incinerate the fat on your frame and leave you looking fantastic while higher energy levels will make you more active and enable you to naturally shred more fat.

How it works

This supplement is made of a unique blend of natural compounds and supplements that enable it to do what it does.

Since it is a proprietary blend, we cannot know the actual concentration of each of the compounds.

However, we know for sure that it has caffeine in it.

Caffeine is a stimulant and it does rev up metabolism and increase energy levels and mental alertness.

In addition to caffeine, the other six compounds in this supplement also have the potential to help you lose weight.

However, not many significant clinical studies have been done to find out their effectiveness.

Thus, there is no need to talk much about them.

Nevertheless, most of the compounds are traditionally used in many societies as digestive aids, fat burners, and enhancers of general wellbeing.

So they cannot be that bad.


  • This is a proven supplement
  • It can help even people who are struggling to lose weight
  • Its key ingredient is a number one fat burner
  • It will speed up your rate of weight loss
  • Can increase your energy levels
  • Significantly researched and safe supplement


  • It is not suitable for people who are intolerant to caffeine
  • It may result in shaking and irritability when taken in excess.
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Hydroxycut Gummies Reviews

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Gummies Reviews

About the product

Hydroxycut gummies are a fun and convenient way of taking the powerful Hydroxycut supplement.

They will help you shed off a few pounds of fat in double quick time.

The gummies are primarily act as appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters, and stimulants.

The key ingredient that provides all these benefits is the green coffee bean extract.

The extract is taken form the Robusta bean (coffee).

So if you are a coffee lover, you should probably be familiar with the kind of energy and metabolism boosts you will be getting from taking these gummies.

However, unlike normal coffee, these gummies have additional compounds including vitamins that boost the key ingredient’s effects and provide additional benefits.

How it works

These Hydroxycut gummies come with several interesting ingredients that enable them to work the way they do.

We have already mentioned green coffee bean extract several times in this article and its fat-burning effects are fairly known to many.

The other star ingredients in the gummies include Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Tricalcium Phosphate, Goldenseal and Wild Mint Extract.

Multiple studies have found that Vitamin B enhances the ability of the human body to consume/ metabolize carbs and fats. It, therefore, complements the good work of the green coffee bean extract.

The Wild Mint Extract does kind of the same work as Vitamin B – it enhances metabolism. Additionally, it reduces blood sugar levels.

Vitamin C helps improve hair and skin and is also found in this supplement, while Tricalcium Phosphate and Goldenseal are known to significantly improve general wellbeing.


  • Natural flavour gummies (they taste like fruit)
  • Made of superfoods
  • Extremely affordable
  • Promotes intense weight loss
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Can be taken on the go
  • Has important vitamins
  • Vegan-friendly


  • Restricted to adults
  • Somewhat low potent compared to other Hydroxycut products.
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Hydroxycut Platinum Reviews

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Platinum Reviews
About the product

As the name of this product suggests, it is one of Hydroxycut’s top products.

We do not think it is the company’s top product but it is a wonderful weight loss supplement nonetheless.

The most unique thing about this product is that it is made of vitamins and probiotics.

This makes it better than earlier Hydroxycut products since the additional ingredients provide amazing health benefits.

Among the benefits include faster weight loss and better immunity.

The main ingredient in Hydroxycut Platinum is C. Canephora Robusta.

A landmark study recently revealed that the ingredient can help individuals lose up as many as 11 pounds within eight weeks.

So it if definitely a decent product that can do what the company says it can do.

How it works

Among weight loss supplements currently available on the market, probably none has as many benefits as this one.

Its key benefit is weight loss. It brings about weight loss through its caffeine extract. The extract triggers weight loss by enhancing metabolism and fat-burning.

Nevertheless, to achieve significant weight loss, Hydroxycut Platinum must be combined with good exercise.

Another important benefit is improved wellbeing.

This product improves wellbeing through its active probiotics such as Bacillus coagulans that balance positive and negative bacteria and clean the gut.

The vitamins and minerals in this supplement also contribute towards weight loss and towards improving your figure, your skin, and your hair.

Natural ingredients such as theanine and ashwagandha rev up metabolism and turn your body into a premium fat incinerator.

You will definitely love their good work.


  • Powerful weight reduction
  • Cleans the gut and improves wellbeing
  • Energy booster
  • Supplement includes minerals and vitamins


  • Because of some of its ingredients, you may experience nausea, headaches, and stomach upsets
  • It may cause sleeplessness.
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MuscleTech Hydroxycut Next Gen

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Hydroxycut Next Gen

About the product

Hydroxycut Next Gen is a hard-core weight loss supplement.

Like the other supplements on this list, it is made by Ontario-based Lovate Health Sciences.

However, unlike the other Hydroxycut supplements it acts slightly differently.

It comes with a host of ingredients that enable it to metabolize fat rapidly within the body.

This supplement is designed to be used by weightlifters and bodybuilders.

So only choose it if you train hard and want to drop serious weight.

Most of the people who have used this product have recorded significant and long lasting results.

How it works

The key ingredients in this product include Blue Skullcap Extract, Coleus Extract, Yohimbe Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Green Coffee Blend.

The caffeine and the green coffee blend compounds work as stimulants.

They stimulate the central nervous system and increase body temperature helping the body to burn more fat.

They also act as anti-oxidants.

The Coleus Extract increases an enzyme abbreviated as cAMP. Higher levels of this enzyme are associated with expeditious loss of fat.

The Blue Skullcap Extract and the Yohimbe, improve general wellbeing and enhance weight loss, respectively.


  • Improves athletic performance
  • Boosts cognitive performance
  • Enhances energy levels
  • It can work within a short period of time


  • It can increase heartbeat because it has stimulants like caffeine and Yohimbe.
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Hydroxycut SX 7 Black Onyx Reviews

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SX 7 Black Onyx

About the product

This is one of the most advanced formula weight loss supplements.

It is packed with seven different ingredients that have first been used before in it.

The combination of ingredients provides instant energy and brilliant genius-level mental focus.

Check the section below for more info about how it works.

How it works

This supplement works like a charm.

This is courtesy of the fact that it is made of a cutting edge formula that is backed by science.

The formula contains key weight reducing compounds that do all work; cut weight, increase mental focus, and provide explosive energy.

The compounds include L-theanine, Coleus Forskohlii, and Caffeine anhydrous.

Every serving of this supplement will deliver these ingredients.

The ingredients will provide you with the ultimate thermogenic experience. The will also superiorly enhance your senses.


  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Helps with lean muscle building
  • Efficient fat burner
  • Can improve mental focus
  • Can be taken by women


  • Taking it may result in a dry mouth or nausea for some users.
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Which Hydroxycut is Best for You?

As you may have noticed in the post above, there are several different types of Hydroxycut products.

Most of them are proven and popular fat burners.

This fact makes it difficult for more people to choose the right one.

However, it should not be difficult to choose the right Hydroxycut product.

This is because the different products have different key ingredients and main functions.

Nevertheless, we are here to help you find a food product for your needs.

According to expert trainers and weight loss experts, the Hydroxycut Hardcore series is the best one in terms of results.

So after factoring in your needs and what you want to do, you should think about the products in the Hardcore series to get yourself the best results.

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is one of the best hardcore series supplements.

It is formulated in such a manner to help you experience intense weight loss, better mental awareness, supreme energy, and super-charged metabolism.

All its effects are geared towards giving you a slimmer, agile, and more functional body.

Thus, if you are like most of us out here, you will most likely love everything that this hardcore series product has to offer and the results it will provide you.

The supplement is available in the convenient form of Hydroxycut pills that are easy to take compared to powders which need a bit of accuracy during mixing.

Is Hydroxycut The Best Weight Loss Supplement?

Yes, Hydroxycut supplements do work.

They could not be considered to be among the best fitness supplements in North America if they didn’t work.

It is approximated that over 90% of Hydroxycut users have experienced very positive results when using the supplement.

Nevertheless, just like other diet and fitness supplements, the products may not work for everyone. We must acknowledge this fact.

The reasons why it may not work may be your body type, your diet, the exercises you do, and so on. The dosing may also be a problem for you.

However, as I have said before, these products can work and usually work very well.

They work because they are made with powerful ingredients that have be scientifically proven to work.

Some of the benefits you can expect from the supplement include intense weight loss, better stamina, optimum metabolism, lower appetite, and higher athletic performance.

Competitive athletes, bodybuilders, and regular guys and girls can benefit immensely from taking this supplement.

Those who want to look fab will also benefit from taking this.

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Hydroxycut Ingredients

Hydroxycut supplements are made of some of the most unique and high quality weight loss ingredients.

Before we discuss the current Hydroxycut ingredients, it is important to note that Hydroxycut supplements at some point had ephedrine, which was later banned by the FDA.

So this one ingredient, which is a fat-burner, resulted in bad-publicity for Hydroxycut supplements.

Nevertheless, this was more than ten years.

In the many years between the banned of ephedrine and now, the ownership of the company behind Hydroxycut has changed.

The original formulation has also been changed to remove the offending ingredient.

Now to the current ingredients commonly found in Hydroxycut supplements.

They include caffeine, green coffee bean extract, coleus extract, theanine, cocoa extract, and Yohimbe.

  • Caffeine

One of the most important ingredients in weight loss supplements. The reason for this is that it is a very powerful fat burner. Each Hydroxycut supplement contains a significant amount of caffeine.

When caffeine is absorbed it increases the internal body temperature.

This increases metabolism and fat-burning.

  • Green coffee extract

Also a star ingredient in many Hydroxycut supplements.

This extract contains CLA fat burner (Chlorogenic Acid). CLA is thought to reduce fat by increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate.

CLA is also thought to help individuals to gain lean muscle mass and to maintain weight.

The company behind Hydroxycut uses a special branded CLA known as Svetol that is thought to be more potent.

  • Coleus Extract

Another key ingredient in Hydroxycut supplements. In the supplements it works by activating cAMP enzymes. This action is known to significantly improve ATP production and to accelerate fat loss.

The addition of this key and well known ingredient is definitely a big plus.

  • Theanine

Another very important ingredient in many Hydroxycut supplements is .

The work of this compound is to prevent the over stimulation of the mind by stimulants such as caffeine and Yohimbe that are found in Hydroxycut weight loss supplements.

So if you hate caffeine-related Hydroxycut side effects such as jitteriness and too much mental alertness, you do not have to worry about them when taking Hydroxycut supplements for they are blended with Theanine.

Theanine will not only prevent over-stimulation of the mind, it will also soothe the mind and enable you to relax.

However, we must make you aware that some bloggers are saying that the concentrations of this ingredient in most Hydroxycut supplements is usually not a lot.

However, we believe it is better having some of this supplement than none at all.

  • cocoa extract

Some Hydroxycut supplements have got cocoa extract in them.

Cocoa extract has got a special compound known as theobromine. This compound acts as a stimulant-softener and as an energizer.

So it will complement the work of Theanine and mitigate some of caffeine’s side effects.

It will also give you an energy boost to exercise harder and lose more weight in the gym.

  • Yohimbe

Yohimbe is a powerful ingredient extracted from a rare tree. The most popular weight loss supplements have got it in their formulations.

Yohimbe works by releasing norepinephrine and epinephrine in the body. These two hormones are the body’s internal fat burners. Therefore, releasing them has got the potential of doubling or tripling your body’s capacity to burn fat.

However, the amount of Yohimbe in some Hydroxycut supplements is not known. Hence the concentration may be too little to be effective in some products.

Nevertheless, considering the popularity of Hydroxycut products and their efficiency, we think the concentration is just enough.

Any Hydroxycut Side Effects?

Yes, as is the case with most supplements, side effects are possible.

In the past, the FDA released a statement linking Hydroxycut products to some health problems.

The statement and the subsequent scrutiny forced the company to change its formulation and to eliminate the bad ingredient that was causing health issues.

As of now, all Hydroxycut supplements do not have the problematic ingredients.

However, they do have caffeine as a fat-burner.

Caffeine is known to cause some problems such as headaches, sleeplessness, and stomach upsets when taken a lot.

Nevertheless, the latest Hydroxycut supplements have got compounds such as cocoa extract that mitigate the caffeine/ stimulant related side effects.

Moreover, most of the people who have used Hydroxycut products have not reported any negative effects.

Where to Buy Today?

These products can be purchased in many stores such as GNC, Walmart, Costco etc. However, Amazon.com remains the best place to order online because of several reasons.

They include reliability, genuineness, prices competitiveness, prompt delivery, coupons deals, and discounts.

So we recommend getting these products on Amazon.

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Hydroxycut products are among the best weight loss products on the market. They are safe, they are efficient, and they work like a charm.

They are slightly different in how they work.

So choose one which best suits your needs and requirements from our list above.

Q and A:

Q: How to take Hydroxycut for best results?

Most Hydroxycut fat burners have got instructions on how to use. Follow the instructions strictly to get the optimum dose of fat burning ingredients into your system.

Moreover, to ensure great results, you need to combine Hydroxycut supplements with a good diet and an intense exercise regime.

A healthy diet will give you the strength and energy to stay strong and workout more. It will also prevent you from gaining more weight.

While an intense exercise regime is what will do the actual burning of calories.

The Hydroxycut supplements are just supplements. Their work is to help you burn fat faster. So for best results you will have to take them correctly and to work out and to eat well.

Q: Which Hydroxycut works best gym goer?

The MuscleTech Hydroxycut Next Gen is the best Hydroxycut for gym goers.

This is because it is designed to provide great results for those who train hard.

This is the reason why it is considered the best Hydroxycut in the hardcore series.
Next gen

Q: How much caffeine in Hydroxycut product?

It varies. Some have about 250 mg, while others have less.

Regardless of the amount of caffeine, you are unlikely to experience the side effects of taking too much of the same.

This is because Hydroxycut products have got compounds such as theanine and cocoa extracts in their formulation that mitigate the negative effects of caffeine.

Q: How safe is Hydroxycut for an athlete?

Very safe.

Modern Hydroxycut supplements have got no banned or illegal substances.

They are made by a Canadian company so you can definitely trust that they have been quality-checked.

Q: How fast does it work?

Most Hydroxycut supplements work very fast.

You will feel the effects within a couple of moments of taking them.

The results are also kind of instantaneous.

Within two to three weeks you will start seeing less pounds on the weighing scale.

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