Hydroxycut Black Reviews: Discover Why Many Users Prefer HB to Other Fat Burners!

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Hydroxycut BlackOne of the most popular weight loss supplement available on the market is Hydroxycut.

Checking out various customer reviews, Hydroxycut Black, in particular, has received a lot of positive feedback from its users.

This just goes to show how effective this supplement is when it comes to aiding weight loss.

Even though the feedback from different users has been quite positive, one still has to ask a few questions about this particular Hydroxycut supplement.

Is the Black truly the perfect weight loss supplement?

Is it an efficient weight loss supplement that can be relied on?

Is it the most suitable fat-burner?

We were very curious about this weight loss supplement and wanted to establish if Hydroxycut Black is really as good and effective as advertised.

After an intensive product review, below is what we found out about it.

What are the benefits?

There is no doubt that this premium brand is an effective fat burner as well as weight loss supplement.

Different from most other weight loss pills, Black does not cause any agitations but still burns calories and fats

Together with burning body fat, Black also metabolizes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

And the best part is as you get a boost in energy, your metabolism will be experiencing the same boost too.

Remember, it is not just intended for those who are looking to shed off some weight, but also those who want energy to lift weights.

To make sure that you are getting the maximum potential of the supplement, it comes in the form of a rapid release tablet that allows for faster absorption of the nutrients by the body.

This means that you will meet your desired goals, be it energy for lifting or weight loss, sooner than you anticipated.

Though most weight loss pills have almost similar benefits, HB actually works better because of its formulation.

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How does it work?

You might be wondering how it works to burn fat in the body.

There is no need to speculate or wonder how this weight loss supplement works because it is very straightforward.

Hydroxycut Black works by providing the body with essential nutrients.

Once you ingest the tablets, the constituting ingredients are rapidly released in to the body and some of them trigger the process of thermogenesis, whereby your body temperature increases.

While your body is trying to find ways of cooling off, some calories get burned and fat is lost.

Even as the above is taking place, the supplement also increases your body’s energy supply.

It achieves this through burning your fat reserves and then converting them into fuel, thus the increase in energy.

Black therefore, works in two different ways:

  • It converts your fat reserves into energy which results to an energy boost to keep you psyched up to work out.
  • It helps in losing weight.

The main ingredients in this supplement are caffeine and yohimbe as they increase the quantity of fatty acids released from the body.

These fats are subsequently deposited in the bloodstream and turned into energy.

The caffeine contained in Black boosts your energy supply and metabolism by up to 13 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

The eventual outcome is that more fat is burned by your body as the demand in energy increases.

Even though caffeine certainly plays a huge role in this weight loss supplement, the other constituting ingredients are also important.

In summary, Hydroxycut Black works both as a fat burner as well as a weight loss supplement with the help of two key ingredients; caffeine and yohimbe.

The fat burned by the body is converted to usable energy.

Key ingredients

Let us take a deeper look at the ingredients that make up this effective weight loss supplement.

  • Robusta coffee extract

This is one of the supplement’s key ingredients that results to weight loss.

It includes coffee beans that have not been roasted for a good reason.

These unroasted coffee beans contain a compound known as chlorogenic acid that promotes the loss of weight.

The compound is lost once the coffee beans get roasted.

Though not broadly known, chlorogenic acid is very effective for getting rid of unwanted fat in the body and weight loss.

When used together with caffeine enhances its efficiency in burning of excess fat.

And just like any other ingredients in this list, chlorogenic acid is stronger when joined with the other ingredients.

  • Caffeine anhydrous

This is simply caffeine and it is remarkable for containing less than one percent water (0.5 percent only to be specific).

This is a nice attribute as it makes the caffeine a lot easier for absorption into the body.

It gives this supplement extra strength while not producing the common side effects linked to the use of caffeine.

Well-known as a stimulant, caffeine is also useful in weight loss as it aids in the metabolization of fats and converts them to fuel.

As the body absorbs this caffeine, it enters the digestive systems, organs, and blood stream.

The caffeine is later on converted into active compounds and enters the neural tissues.

Once in the neural tissues, it begins working on the brain and central nervous system, alleviating fatigue.

It also increased your energy while increasing alertness. Such effects make it a popular mood enhancer.

  • Yohimbe extract

Yohimbe is gotten from the Yohimbe tree and is used for weight loss.

The Yohimbe extract was originally used for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions, but has also been found to be very useful in burning calories and fats.

Similar and caffeine have similar functions but work in different ways.

That does not, however, make these two incompatible.

The two ingredients, on the contrary, complement one another and enhances the user’s ability to shed off some weight.

Real Hydroxycut Women

  • Alpha lipoic acid

Situated in the mitochondria, alpha lipoic acid increases the body’s metabolism and is vital for fat burning.

Apart from being an effective fat burner, this ingredient is an antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

The incorporation of alpha lipoic acid goes a long way to illustrate that Black is not just intended for weight loss, but also for enhancing the user’s sense of wellness.

Its metabolism increment and antioxidant properties complement the other constituting ingredients.

Alpha lipoic acid can be found in fresh vegetables. However, given that one cannot get a sufficient supply of this essential acid from vegetables only, Hydroxycut Black steps in and does the necessary.

Aside from burning fat and weight loss, alpha lipoc acid also has other additional health benefits.

For instance, it has been found to regulate the body’s levels of blood sugar and minimizes symptoms of diabetes.

And even as further research is still being conducted on its health benefits, its efficiency in weight loss gad already been established.

The above ingredients might seem familiar, and you might have in fact, ingested some before.

The main difference here is that these ingredients have been combined in a well-balanced blend to create an effective weight loss supplement tablet.

And unlike most other weigh loss supplements, this one has been properly and carefully prepared so that there are minimal side effects and instead maximum benefits to the user.

Does it really work?

A look at the constituting ingredients shows that Hydroxycut Black truly works.

Moreover, there are also various studies and researches that prove that this weight loss supplement indeed works.

One of the studies involved 50 participants and was conducted over a duration of eight weeks.

In this study, 50 percent of the patients were put on a low-energy diet but supplied with Hydroxycut Black, and the other half were also put on a low-energy diet but without Hydroxycut Black.

Eight weeks later, those who took the supplement had lost 10 pounds, while the rest had only lost 5 pounds.

From the above study, it is safe to conclude that Black truly does what it says: supplement your diet so you that you can lose more weight.

There is also another study that displays similar outcomes.

Note that in this above study, those involved were not involved in any exercises.

Combining a good workout with a low calories diet will make you shed even more weight.

This goes to illustrate that with the help of this high-quality capsules, you have the chance of shedding a lot of weight.

Always bear in mind that Hydroxycut Black is just a weight loss supplement!

This means that you will not lose weight if you do not work out.

In as much as the ingredients are quite effective, they will not really make much of an impact if your body is not active.

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Any side effects?

Are there any side effects to using these capsules?

This is a question that is usually on the mind of most users.

In as much Hydroxycut Black is a properly-formulated product, there is really no way that such a product could be 100 percent free of any side effects.

Mild headaches, fatigue, and insomnia are among the most common side effects of this supplement.

Fatigue is unusual given that this supplement is also an energy booster, however, this particular side effect is not really common and normally fades away after a day or two at most.

Mild headaches are experienced simply because your body is trying to get used to the product.

Insomnia, on the other hand, could be avoided by ingesting Black early in the morning and avoiding consumption in the afternoon or later on in the day.

Pros and cons


  • Eradicates belly fat
  • Increases the body’s metabolism
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves sensory experience
  • Does not trigger any agitations


  • It is not as stimulating as the other Hydroxycut products
  • If ingested at night, there might be some challenges sleeping

Where to purchase online today?

Just like all other Hydroxycut products, Hydroxycut Black is available on many online stores and brick-and-mortar vendors such as GNC and Walmart.

We, however, recommend purchasing from Amazon for a number of reasons.

First, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth by purchasing the original product.

Second, it will only take you a few taps or clicks to place your order.

Third, Amazon has numerous discounts and coupons that allow you to save some of your cash when shopping.

Lastly, even though there numerous online retailers, Amazon is more convenient generally.


If you looking to burn belly fat, lose some weight, and/or perhaps in search of something to boost your energy when exercising then Hydroxycut Black is what you need.

This weight loss supplement is unlike no other and is very effective at what it does.

To get the best results, combine this supplement with some exercises and the result will speak for itself!

Questions and answers

Que: Is Hydroxycut Black the same as Hydroxycut sx 7 black onyx?

No, they are not. Hydroxycut sx 7 black onyx is one of the most advanced and hardcore formulas available on the market.

It constitutes seven different ingredients that have never before been used together.

It is a part of the Muscletech SX-7 range and is actually believed to be the range’s most premium formula.

Que: Hydroxycut black versus Hydroxycut premium; which one of the two should I use?

Hydroxycut Black is a toned down version of Hydroxycut platinum.

Both of them contain a nice dose of Yohimbe and caffeine along with other ingredients, but the potency of Black is lower than that of Platinum.

We recommend first starting out with Black before proceeding to platinum, especially for beginners.

Que: Why should I purchase from Amazon instead of Walgreens, Walmart, Groupons, or GNC?

By purchasing from Amazon, you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth by purchasing the original product.

Second, it will only take you a few taps or clicks to place your order.

And third, Amazon has numerous discounts and coupons that allow you to save some of your cash when shopping. read full list here.

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