Best BCAA for Men on the Market: Discover Why These Brands are Currently Leading Today!

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If you want to turn into a beast in the gym or to blast through the plateau you are in, there is no safer or more effective way to do it than to supplement your training with BCAAs.

BCAAs are branched chain amino acids.

They are three in number (Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine).

Taking BCAAs has been proven by several studies to have immense benefits for men.

The foremost benefit is faster recovery from training.

The second most important benefit is the acceleration of lean muscle growth.

Branched-chain amino acids are also known for boosting energy, preventing muscle breakdown, and boosting endurance.

These benefits can give you the body you want.

They can make you what you want to be.

However, you’ve got to buy the right BCAAs for men to get all the above-mentioned benefits.

Lucky for you, I have done the research on the best bcaa for men brands.

See the list below to discover superior quality BCAA supplements for men.


Top Best BCAA for Men on the Market

Now let’s get’s to the nitty-gritty of this guide for you guys – the real reasons why you are here!

Look below for the creme-de creme BCAA brands designed for men and unique qualities each brand brings to the table.

1. Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder  (Order on AMAZON)

Scivation Xtend BCAA AmazonIn my opinion, XTEND BCAA is the best BCAA currently available on the market! There are several reasons why I believe this.

The foremost reason is that it is made of quality ingredients.

The ingredients (isoleucine, Leucine, and Valine) guarantee results within a couple of weeks of use.

The second reason is that it triggers lean muscle growth.

My best friend, Dempsey, started using it about a month and a half ago and his physique has changed a lot.

He is now no longer skinny fat.

He looks fit, his beer-belly is gone, and his muscles are really showing. He now looks like a serious professional athlete just because of this product.

The last reason why I think it is arguably the best bcaa for men is that it really eliminates muscle soreness.

Nowadays, Dempsey trains much more frequently than before and he says it is all because of this XTEND BCAA powder.

I would buy it if I didn’t already have a BCAA product.

When and how to take

According to Scivation, this supplement should be taken before and after exercise.

Taking at these times will give you the most benefits.

As for the how to take it, add one scoop in at least 10 fl. oz. of water (and utmost 14 fl. oz.) and shake thoroughly. It is advisable that you take it daily for best results.

Key ingredients and quantity

The key ingredients include BCAAs in the 2:1:1 ratio for lean muscle growth, plus L-Glutamine and Citrulline Malate for additional fitness benefits including faster recovery.

The bottle is enough for 30 generous servings.


  • Features quality ingredients
  • Scientifically formulated and proven to be effective
  • Promotes the increase in strength, endurance, and lean muscle growth
  • It keeps you hydrated throughout training
  • Has no calories, sugars, or carbs


  • It has an artificial flavour, which is not preferable.


Superb quality BCAA product. Works very well in changing the overall body composition.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

2.  VINTAGE BUILD Post Workout BCAA  (Order on AMAZON)

Post Workout
VINTAGE BUILD BCAA is an old-school type of supplement.

It is made from carefully sourced ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or ingredients.

It is one of the best BCAA for cutting.

This is because it not only builds lean muscle but also has ingredients like STEVIA that actively promote fat loss.

Within a few months of using it, you will be able to notice a decrease in your body fat percentage.

You should also be able to notice your face becoming more chiselled and your abs and other muscles popping out.

One more impressive thing about this supplement (definitely one of the best bcaa for men) is that it improves strength and recovery. You will gain good strength and recover much faster by using it.

When and how to take

This product is intended to be taken between or before meals. Two scoops a day are enough for bringing considerable positive results.

To take a scoopful of the powder using the supplied scooper and mix it with at least 6 oz. of water (and utmost 8 oz.). Alternatively, you can mix the powder with your favourite protein shake.

Key ingredients and quantity

Has got three key performance/ fitness enhancing ingredients including L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, and BCAAs.

This combination is perfect for building a chiselled physique.

The container carries enough BCAAs for 30 servings.


  • Formulated in California
  • Fantastic for building lean muscle
  • Good for enhancing strength and promoting recovery
  • Has three powerful ingredients that work in synchrony
  • Tastes great in a protein shake or with water
  • No one of best bcaa for men on the market.


  • It expensive per serving


This is an amazing quality product that delivers more bodybuilding benefits than anything else on this on this list.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

3.  BRF BCAA (Intra Workout Supp)

BRF BCAA (Intra Workout SuppThis is a newish intra-workout fuel BCAA product made by Battle Ready Fuel (BRF).

It is the kind of product you need to take if you want to push yourself more in your training and your exercises.

This is because it provides your muscles with BCAAs as fuel to not only provide them with energy but also to enable them to grow and gain more strength overtime.

This muscle development brand BCAA product is packed with BCAAs in a new 4:1:1 blend that will provide you with more gains than you are expecting.

And not only does this product fuel growth, it also helps with recovery. If you take after workouts, you should be able to recover quickly and train more during the week.

The powder also comes with ingredients to decrease muscle soreness and to provide hydration during workouts.

The powder is available in a tasty cherry burst flavour.

When and how to take

This product should be taken primarily on training days.

To take, take one and a half scoops and mix with 300 millilitres of water and shake well in a shaker bottle and sip slowly during your workouts.

This will provide your body with the energy it needs.

Key ingredients and quantities

Key ingredients include perfectly dosed BCAAs in the 4:1:1 formula that the makers believe is perfect for triggering muscle protein synthesis.

Each serving of this product will provide 5 grams of BCAAs and 20 calories to fire you up during workouts.

The supplement weighs 450 grams (about 90 servings).


  • Available in a tasty flavour
  • Delivers 5 grams of BCAAs per serving
  • Helps with muscle growth, recovery, and damage repair
  • Perfect energizer for training in the gym


  • A bit pricey


A decent product that provides good fuel for pushing yourself in the gym.

View more details: Order from Approved Stores

4.  Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA  (Get on AMAZON)

Optimum Nutrition Instantized This BCAA product is from one of the world’s best supplement companies, ON (Optimum Nutrition).

Like all other ON products, it is a high-quality supplement made of safe and active ingredients.

This branched chain amino acids powder is best known for providing muscle support during intense workouts and for jumpstarting muscle building.

When and how to take

The makers of this product state that it ought to be taken before working out or during exercise.

One teaspoon is enough to mix with 8 oz. of water to make a BCAA drink.

Just make sure you stir well after adding the teaspoon.

You can alternatively take this BCAA product by adding one teaspoon to your favourite beverage or protein shake.

Key ingredients and quantity

This is a very pure BCAA supplement.

It only contains BCAAs as the key ingredients and nothing more. So you will find in it micronized L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine.

The fact that these ingredients are micronized makes absorption easier.

The container carries enough BCAAs for 60 servings.


  • Pure BCAAs made by Optimum Nutrition
  • Very fine and easy to mix powder
  • Comes in multiple flavours including unflavoured, chocolate peanut butter
  • Kick-starts muscle building process
  • Spares muscles during endurance training


  • The container usually seems half-full but it is the right weight when weighed


This product is a must-have for those who want pure BCAAs only.

I definitely recommend it for the reason that it is made by a renowned brand; Optimum Nutrition.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

5.  GENIUS BCAA Powder with Focus & Energy  (Order on AMAZON)

GENIUS BCAA EnergyGENIUS BCAA powder is a very creative and beneficial supplement.

I say this because it comes with the usual fitness benefits and host of additional health benefits.

Let me start with the usual fitness benefits, they include faster recovery, lean muscle growth, and noticeable fat weight loss within a couple of weeks.

These benefits are truly brilliant and anyone wanting to become a better trainer or athlete will appreciate them.

The additional health benefits are the ones that make this BCAA product to stand out.

The benefits are brought about by additional ingredients such as beetroot and caffeine that are blended with BCAAs in this product.

And… even include increased energy, increased ability to fight daily stresses, increased memory, increased focus and attention, and a better overall state of happiness.

When and how to take

According to the manufacturer of this product, it can be taken just about any time of the day.

It can be taken in the morning, before workouts, after workouts, or anytime you need an energy boost.

To take this supplement, add one scoop to at least 14 oz. of water (utmost 20 oz.) and stir or shake to mix thoroughly.

Key ingredients and quantity

Genius BCAA has got some serious key ingredients including L-Glutamine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Citrulline Malate, Stevia extract, Beetroot extract, caffeine extract, and Rhodiola Rosea root extract.

Container carries enough BCAAs for one serving.


  • Speeds up recovery and boosts mental clarity at the same time
  • It Improves focus and provides a noticeable injection of energy
  • Pure clean and vegan BCAAs
  • Great for use either before, after, or during workout
  • Ideal for fat loss and for lean muscle growth


  • Has got the stimulant caffeine which some people don’t want


Awesome product that does not get as much praise as it deserves. I recommend it for lean muscle growth, for recovery, for an injection of energy, and for shredding (fat loss).

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

6.  MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen  (Order on AMAZON)

Amino Build Next GenIn my experience, nothing builds lean body mass as fast as this BCAA powder from MuscleTech.

According to the manufacturer, it was built with athletes in mind.

Therefore, you can only expect good things from it including mind-blowing benefits.

Besides rapidly increasing lean body mass, this next-gen BCAA product also boosts endurance, builds muscle, and enhances focus and energy.

It also tastes very good.

When and how to take

MuscleTech states that this supplement should be taken either before or during exercise.

To take, mix one scoop of it with 10 oz. water and shake thoroughly.

Key ingredients and quantity

It is made of a special blend of BCAAs in the proven 2:1:1 ratio for endurance, lean muscle growth, and recovery

A recovery and cell-volumizing complex of alanine, glutamine, and Taurine.

A strength-enhancing betaine anhydrous complex, and an electrolyte blend of sodium chloride, watermelon juice, and coconut juice to help you stay hydrated.

Each container has enough BCAAs for 30 servings.


  • Each serving delivers 8 grams of BCAAs for fuelling muscles, reducing their breakdown, and lessening soreness
  • Has an electrolyte complex to replenish lost electrolytes during training
  • Designed to boost mental and physical performance
  • Boosts strength and endurance dramatically
  • Made by a renowned American brand (MuscleTech)


  • Has got sodium and potassium, which are not exactly healthy when taken in quantities.


A very decent BCAA product that delivers an effective dose of 8g BCAA per drink. It provides all round performance, strength, and endurance benefits.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

7.  Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy (Buy on AMAZON)

Evlution Nutrition BCAA EnergyThis is kind of like the Red Bull of supplements!

I say this because it genuinely provides a serious injection of energy.

The number of times I have taken it, it has turned me into a beast in the gym!

It provides 5g of BCAAs in every drink, it boosts endurance, it supports recovery, and it sharpens mental focus.

When and how to take

You can take this supplement whenever you feel like. To take, mix two scoops of it in 10 oz. of water. The company advises that you should use cold water.

Key ingredients and quantity

Evlution Nutrition BCAA Energy has got ingredients that have been scientifically proven to elicit a positive response from the body. They include Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Beta-Alanine, Alanine, Taurine, green tea extract, caffeine, and Vitamin C, B6, and B12.

Each container provides 30 servings of BCAAs.


  • Great BCAA matrix for high performance
  • Provides a serious boost of energy
  • Fantastic for boosting endurance and recovery
  • Easy to serve and mix
  • Aids in muscle repair
  • Boosts focus


  • Contains caffeine which is a stimulant some people are trying to stay away from


Hands down one of the best BCAAs currently available on the market. It tastes great, is gluten-free, has zero calories, boosts recovery, boosts energy, and seriously enhances performance. I’d definitely use it.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

8.  Raw Barrel’s – Pure BCAA Tablets  (Buy on AMAZON)

Raw Barrel TabletsThis is the only BCAA product in this list that is in pills form.

Each pill is extra strong with 1000mg of BCAAs.

The main thing that makes this product to stand out is that it is convenient to take.

You just need to pop in the pills and you will be done.

No taste issues or aftertaste issues.

The ingredients used to make it are pure and clean and well blended for building muscle and increasing endurance.

When and how to take

Take three pills before and after workout for best results.

Key ingredients and quantity

This is a very pure BCAA product. Each tablet delivers 1 gram of BCAAs in the proven 2:1:1 ratio.

Therefore, three to four tablets are bound to provide you with a good dose of BCAAs.

Each container contains 120 pills.


  • Available in convenient and easy-to-use tablets
  • Builds muscles fast and burns fat
  • Made of pure, clean and no-bull BCAAs
  • Comes with a free digital fitness guide to help you grow
  • Has a lifetime satisfaction guarantee


  • Not powdered. Some think a powder would have been much better value.


Brilliant, pharmaceutically-made, and pure BCAAs available in the form of convenient tablets.

Easy to consume and provides noticeable benefits quick.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

9.  MP Essentials BCAA Powder  (Get it: AMAZON)

MP Essentials BCAA
This is one of the bestselling BCAA supplements.

It is super popular because it tastes great and delivers a good quantity (6 grams) of BCAAs in every scoop/ drink.

The benefits you can expect from taking this MusclePharm product include increased endurance and rapid increase in lean body mass.

The most unique thing about it is that it has been certified not to contain banned substances.

When and how to take

You should take it before rigorous workouts.

To take it, mix one scoop with 10 oz. of cold water and then mix.

Key ingredients and quantity

Newish BCAA product available in new 3:1:2 ratio for Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

This ratio has been scientifically proven to support muscle development and to prevent muscle catabolism.

Each container has enough BCAAs for 30 servings.


  • Simple but optimized BCAA formulation
  • Can be used by professional athletes since it has no banned substances
  • Supports lean muscle growth
  • Boosts endurance
  • Available in a tasty flavour


  • Artificial flavour


An alternative option for those looking for a different kind of BCAA supplement that makes light work of recovery.

View more details: benefits and ordering directly from AMAZON Stores!

Vital natural ingredients to look out for men’s BCAA

The main ingredients to look out for in BCAA supplements are the BCAAs themselves. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) include Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

These ingredients are important to look out for because when they are together, they work in harmony to produce enviable fitness and performance benefits.

Moreover, you must not only confirm that they are present but also confirm their formulation.

Most manufacturers, nowadays, write the chemical ratio of their BCAAs.

So try to see if the ratio is indicated and if the manufacturer says it is proven before buying a product.

If it is not indicated then consider another product.

Benefits of BCAA to men

Many experts think BCAAs might actually be the magic bullet to many exercise problems. This is because they have been proven to significantly benefit those who train hard.  (1)

First of all, they help increase lean muscle mass.

The BCAA most responsible for this is Leucine, which is known to trigger muscle protein synthesis.

Secondly, BCAAs reduce muscle soreness after working out.

Muscle soreness is one of the biggest exercise problems for those who train hard.

Nevertheless, studies have shown that BCAAs act as painkillers for muscle soreness and significantly reduce muscle damage.

This means that using BCAAs can help hasten the recovery process.

Thirdly, studies have proven that BCAAs can reduce exercise fatigue. Fatigue is one of the biggest exercise problems.

Less fatigue as a result of BCAA supplementation can result in better performance and extended and highly beneficial training sessions.

Lastly, BCAAs are known to prevent muscle catabolism (breakdown).

This is important especially in the morning when you are in a fasted state and the body tries to breakdown muscle for fuel.

This benefit is also important during the low season when you are not training a lot because it will help you maintain your muscle mass.

Where should you go to get them? And why?

You can go get these supplements from many online and brick-and-mortar stores including Walmart, Target, GNC, and Costco.

However, the best place to get these supplements is on

This is because of three reasons.

First, the company has sellers who supply original products. So you can only expect very good quality from them.

Second, the company usually has dozens of reviews on every product.

So you can find out what previous purchasers are saying before making your purchase decision.

Lastly, because Amazon’s sellers usually have got some very steep discounts.


This post has reviewed some of the best BCAA for men. We have seen different types of BCAA from different American companies.

All the products on the list are premium quality products. They provide all the expected benefits associated with BCAA products.

But there are little differences in the quality of the benefits because some are slightly differently formulated while other products have got extra ingredients that provide extra benefits.

All in all, BCAAs are essential for great fitness.

Make sure you get yours today to start enjoying the benefits.

View More BCAA for Male and Other Fitness Brands Here


Q:   I love Xtend BCAA ripped – can I stack it with other Xtend products?

Yes, you can. It’s harmless and, no BCAA side effects.

Stacking them with each other will probably not result in any side effects either. Go get it here!

Q:  What is the best BCAA for weight loss on this guide?

The GENIUS BCAA Powder with Focus & Energy is the real deal for weight reduction. Read more about it in the post itself.

OR… go here for detailed benefits and users reviews on Amazon!

Q: Which BCAA ingredients deliver the biggest bang for men?

Leucine is very important!

It delivers the most benefits.

Moreover, stimulants like caffeine are nowadays included in most BCAA products. They also deliver a good dose of energy.

Q: Where can I get BCAA formulated for women?

We did a much detailed reviews and share this guide with the public even before this guide for you guys.

View the whole information about BCAA for women here.

Q: I currently use BCAA amino energy. Which of these can I replace it with?

You can replace it with the GENIUS BCAA Powder (number 4 in the list).

It will give you additional benefits including better mental strength and clarity, and improved wellbeing.

Q:  I want to get ripped. What do you advise between BCAA vs amino acids?

If by ripped you mean getting popping lean muscle and losing fat, you should get BCAA supplements. They are made for this kind of work.

Q: BCAA vs protein supplements. Which should come first?

Take any you want.

Not many studies have been to ascertain what should come first. However, if you were held at gunpoint to may a decision, you should definitely go for BCAAs.

This is because they exist in free form and are readily used by the body compared to protein supplements which will have to be digested first.

Q:  Is it true modern BCAA is better than ones reviewed in this guide?

Not really. The BCAAs included in this list are the best ones on the market. If you check them out on Amazon, you will see that they are all highly rated.

Q:  I still work 9-5. Can I take BCAA before bed or only during day time?

Taking BCAAs before bed is beneficial as the BCAAs can be used for muscle repairs and for recovery.

However, make sure that the BCAA product you are taking does not have caffeine or any other stimulant. Because if it has, it will cause you problems

Q:  Am confused about aminos vs BCAA

BCAAs are aminos.

The only difference is that they are some of the most important aminos. Get them for specific fitness benefits.

Q: Can I take BCAA and glutamine for more energy?

Yes, you can. In fact, most BCAA supplements are made this way.

Q: Why is BSN BCAA formula not mentioned in this guide?

It just does not make the cut and we do not consider it among best bcaa for men. But it is a good product nonetheless.

Q: BCAA vs whey protein – Can I mix and drink both before gym?

Yes, you can.

Most BCAAs supplement manufacturers advise users to mix a scoop of their product with either water or their favourite protein shake.

So there is really no problem here.

Q: What is best BCAA pre-workout from the brands suggested above?

The Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder. It is just better suited compared to the rest. Read more about it in the review above.

Q:  Which is a proven BCAA intra workout for male bodybuilders on your list?

The Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA. Because it has been proven to provide a good injection of energy during workouts and to delay the onset of fatigue.

Q:  Is Mutant BCAA not as good as the brands mentioned in this guide?

The brands in the guide are the best of the best. There are no other brands like them, period!

So, is mutant BCAA as good as them, I don’t think so cause it is not on the list.


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