12 Reasons BCAA Powder is Better than Capsules

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Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are some of the most powerful and most recommended supplements out there.

This is because they deliver a number of thrilling benefits.

By taking BCAAs you can confidently expect a better body composition with more muscle and less fat, better athletic performance, and better endurance.

The body does not produce BCAAs on its own and many families have diets that do not have enough sources of BCAAs/ proteins.

Therefore, there is a need to get BCAAs from elsewhere.

BCAA supplements are the best alternative sources of BCAAs.

But they are available in the form of powder and, pills or capsules.

Many people are not sure of what is the better form/ type of BCAA supplements.

In this post, I tell you why BCAA powders are better than capsules.

Let’s begin.

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Unique of Both BCAA Pills and Powder Forms

Before I tell you my exact reasons why BCAA powders are better than capsules, let me tell you a bit about the two types of branched-chain amino acids.

BCAA powders

Most BCAA supplements are available in the form of powders.

This is the reason why most people take the powder form.

So if you have not been sure of how people have been taking BCAAs, now you know.

The fact that this popular supplements are mainly available as powders, is the reason why you will hear people talking about BCAA drinks.

The drink is made by mixing a scoop of the powders with cold water or with your favorite drink.

In the past, most BCAA powders were unflavoured.

Sometimes they tasted neutral, while most of the time they did not taste good at all.

This made BCAA drinks undesirable.

However, today the taste has improved tremendously.

Manufacturers are now making BCAAs in multiple types of exciting flavors including lemonade and fruit punch flavors.

The exciting flavors have made BCAAs easier to consume.

They have also made more people, especially women, interested in them.

BCAA capsules/ pills

Pills are an alternative way of taking it.

Not many are available in the form of pills though.

This means BCAA pills as harder to find in most offline and online shops.

Therefore, if you are looking for pills specifically, you will find it difficult to get them readily.

Moreover, it has been suggested by various scholars that the digestion of pills is slower than the digestion of powders.

This is interesting because it means if you want a supplement that works faster, you go for the powders.

Bodybuilders, athletes and other observers have noted how BCAA capsules are usually larger than those of other supplements.

This can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

It can good in the sense that it means fewer BCAA capsules can give you what you want, while it can be bad in the sense that the bigger capsules are a hassle to take.

BCAA Powder for men and women

Reasons why BCAA powders are better than capsules 

Now that you know the major differences between BCAA forms, let’s get to the reasons why you should get BCAA powders instead of capsules.

  1. BCAA powders are more widely available

If you want to start using something regularly then you will probably pick a consistent brand that is readily available every time you want to buy it, right?

Then why not do the same for your BCAA supplement.

Why get capsules instead of powders yet you know you are going to find a hard time to get replacement capsules the next time you will want them?

  1. BCAA powders are easier to take

To get enough BCAAs in your system so as to force your body to react positively, you need to take about five to ten grams of BCAAs daily.

So if you want to take pills, you are going to have a hard time consuming between ten to twenty of them daily to get enough BCAAs.

However, if you decide to take a BCAA powder, you will find it easier to consume since you can just mix it with cold water or your favorite drink and then take as you please.

  1. BCAA powders are more potent

Studies show that most supplements are more readily available for use (more potent) in the form of powders than in the form of capsules.

This is because for capsules the outer shell has to be first digested.

This means it is better taking BCAAs in the form of powders if you want faster results.

  1. BCAA powders can taste great

Many people fear pills out there. Many pills are also bitter to swallow. However, this is not the case with modern BCAA powders.

Modern powders taste awesome.

There are also many available flavors.

Whatever flavor you like, you are more likely than not to find at least one brand that makes it.

  1. BCAA powders are generally more affordable

If you want to save money, you should buy BCAA powders.

This is because they are generally cheaper to buy than capsules.

  1. BCAA powders are specifically meant for fitness use

Most of the times, supplements available in pills are more for sick people who need supplementation.

BCAA powders, on the other hand, are specifically designed for fitness. So if you want fitness benefits, you are better off going for the powders.

Other Reasons Are…

  • Most top brands make their BCAAs in the form of powders
  • You can take BCAA powders with your favorite drink
  • BCAA powders can easily be combined with other supplements
  • BCAA powders usually include other equally useful ingredients
  • It is easier to tell if a BCAA powder has gone bad
  • The act of taking BCAA powders is a powerful motivator in the gym


The BCAA pills vs powder debate has been raging on for quite a while.

As you can see from the 12 reasons above, the branched chain amino acids vs powder debate is not really a debate.

BCAA powders are much better and more potent than BCAA pills.

Hopefully, this content will put an end to the unnecessary BCAA pills vs powder debate and help more people to focus on getting big but lean and strong with BCAA powders.

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