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Serious Mass Reviews
Serious Mass is for those who find it difficult to gain muscle.

For those who want to become bigger, stronger, and more powerful. And for those who need caloric supplementation to build muscle.

This is because every serving of it delivers a massive 50 grams of protein and 1,250 grams of calories.

Meaning that you can get enough protein for massive muscle building and enough calories for immense growth from using this supp daily.

In addition to the protein and the calories, this product also delivers glutamine, creatine, carbs, and 25 different minerals and vitamins.

These other ingredients create the optimal environment for rapid muscle growth and health.

From the above ingredients and their quantities, you can see why this product is named Serious Mass.

The product is made by Optimum Nutrition (ON), an American company that has been making quality and innovative supplements since 1986.

The company’s whey protein is the best-selling one on the entire planet.

Millions of people have tried, enjoyed and trusted ON products for years.

You too will likely want to try this particular one when you are done reading this review.

Serious Mass Flavors and Why Each Are Special

Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition is available in five flavors only: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Banana.

According to various sources, all these five flavors are pretty decent. Below is how they generally taste to most people:

  • Vanilla – Best flavor according to many people. Not too sweet and not too strong.
  • Strawberry – A bit too sweet according to many people.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – Decent flavor. Lumpy and great with milk.
  • Chocolate – Great flavor. Sweet and rich. Also tastes great with milk.
  • Banana – Okay flavor. Tastes like banana cream pie shake.

The Natural Formulation / Ingredients

This optimum nutrition mass gainer product has some pretty special ingredients that ensure users gain the muscle and strength they want to gain.

The ingredients, their quantities, and their benefits per 2-scoop serving are as explained before:

  1. Calories (1250 calories)

This product delivers 1250 calories per serving.

If you take it twice per day, you will have more than enough calories for your body to build massive muscle fast.

Calories are needed by the body especially when bulking since the body needs the energy to build muscle.

And no other protein supplement provides as many calories as this one.

So if you are a hard gainer and you want to supplement yourself with enough calories to gain serious mass, this is the supp to go for.

  1. Protein

This product delivers more protein than most other protein powders available out there.

The 50 grams of protein you will get from every serving of it are enough for muscle synthesis and growth.

So if you usually work hard in the gym and you are not growing, this is just what you need to give all your muscles enough protein to build seriously good and strong muscle.

Sources of protein include egg albumin, milk casein, whey protein concentrate, and whey isolate.

  1. Vitamins and minerals

This optimum nutrition mass gainer powder delivers over 24 different vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium, Sodium, and Potassium.

These many vitamin and minerals provide the optimal environment for muscle growth. They also ensure general wellbeing and health.

  1. Amino acids

This product also has amino acids including L-Glutamine that trigger fast muscle protein synthesis and growth.

Who is it designed for?

This product is designed for those who are hard gainers.

In other words, if you have been trying to gain weight for some time without any success, this is the product to get.

This is because it will provide your body with the calories and protein it needs to force it to grow naturally.

Simply put, your body will find it difficult not to grow if you take this supplement once or twice daily.

How do you take serious mass for best results?

Two scoops of this product make one serving.

Therefore, the best way to take this product is to put two scoops of it in a blender with 710-milliliter water and to blend the mixture for about a minute.

When it is ready, you can add ice cubes if you want to, to make it more refreshing.

Instead of water, you can use low-fat milk to make this Serious Mass powder taste even better.

The best way to take this product for serious results is to consume one serving between meals and serving after supper.

Consuming it these many times will provide you with massive calories and protein to become a massive muscle man (known as serious mass results) within a couple of months.

Serious Mass Optimum Nutrition

Serious Mass Results for Men. Combination with proper trainings produces stunning physical transformations.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Vs Serious Mass

The biggest difference between these two protein supplements is in what is delivered per serving.

For while the Serious Mass product delivers over 1250 calories per serving, the Pro Gainer delivers only 660 calories. So if you want more calories, the best product to take is the one we are reviewing.

In terms of protein per serving both products provide roughly the same amount of protein, with Serious Mass providing 50 grams and Pro Gainer providing 60 grams.

So, in terms of growth, you can expect roughly the same results from taking either of these supplements.

Lastly, with regards to price and quality of ingredients, both are pretty similar.

So it is the number of calories in both that is different with Serious Mass providing twice the number of calories Pro Gainer delivers per serving.

Best Place to Order ON Serious Mass Gainer Online

The best place to buy Serious Mass Gainer online is

It is the best place because products from sellers there are cheaper, original, and delivered faster.

It is also more convenient to buy protein on as the retailer has an easy-to-use app and a subscribe option that will remove the need for you to reorder again when your supply is nearly running out.

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Serious Mass is a pretty good protein powder. It delivers good amounts of protein and a gargantuan number of calories to enable serious muscle growth and development.

Its sources of protein are pretty clean. Its calorie sources are also pretty clean; no sugar is used.

So if you find it hard to build muscle, this is definitely the product you should go for.

It will provide you with good quality protein and caloric supplementation to gain many pounds of muscle in a few short weeks.

It is available in five decent flavors. Pick one today and to start bulking the right way.


Q: Serious mass GNC Vs Amazon Vs Walmart

The best place to buy Serious Mass between Walmart, Amazon, and GNC is

This is because from you will buy straight from the manufacturer. Which means that the product will be likely cheaper. is also considered to be one of the largest logistics companies on the planet. They do deliver products to many places across the country and across the world faster than other online shops.

Lastly, you are more likely to find deals and offers for products on than on any other retailer stores.

Q: Is Serious Mass good for skinny guys?

Yes, it is particularly good for skinny guys. For a skinny guy to gain mass, he should eat much more. This is usually difficult for most people to do.

However, if a skinny guy buys Serious Mass, he won’t need to eat much more because this supplement will provide him with the extra calories and protein he needs to gain mass.

So if you are skinny and you want to get big, this is the supplement to take.

Q: Can you take serious Mass without working out?

If you take this supplement with its many calories without working out you will become fat. Because the excess calories will end up being stored as body fat.

However, if you take it and workout, the calories will be used for muscle building and the weight you will gain will be muscle weight.

Q: Serious Mass 6lb vs 12lb

The 12-pound product is better than the 6-pound container. This is because it is cheaper per pound and lasts longer.

Q: How soon do I see results with Serious Mass weight gainer?

You will start seeing results very quickly (in under eight weeks). This is especially if you also put in a lot of work in the gym.

Q: What is the closest Serious Mass protein alternative?

The ON Pro Gainer is pretty close. It delivers half as many calories as Serious Mass and just slightly more grams of protein than Serious Mass in every serving.

Q: Can Serious Mass weight gainer help me get big in 6 weeks?

Yes, it can. It will do so especially if you also train hard as you take two servings of it per day.

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