Cytosport Muscle Milk Reviews: Get Bigger, Lose Weight & Become Leaner

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The following Muscle Milk protein shake and powder review will take a look at the brand’s most popular products and what makes them tick.

Before we do, we have to explain what this brand is, and what Muscle Milk contains that make them tick.

The brand specializes in protein supplements that boost muscles, promote endurance and increase strength. Even if you really love to workout strong and need more strength, you may have something to boost your results!

That is only a general description, as their products have specific aims and objectives. Let’s take a look at the top 7 Muscle Milk results you can choose from.


7 Outstanding Muscle Milk Protein Shake & Powder Products

Now let’s look deeper into the world of Cytosport inc brand. Maker of muscle milk protein shake, Gainer, muscle milk genuine, bars and host of other top selling sports nutrition!

As is our customary, we carefully presented below, 7 top, premium protein drinks products from the stable of this great company.

In fact some of these supplements, especially the Muscle Milk Genuine, are currently topping the chart in sports and fitness market on Amazon marketplace.

1.  Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powder (Order on Amazon)

Muscle Milk Genuine Protein PowderThis extremely popular Cytosport whey isolate is formulated for those who want optimum results for their trainings and those who love workout strong.

As any health buff will tell you, eating the right foods and pumping iron is not enough to get the best results.

What you need is a protein powder that improves your endurance, recovery and strength.

Every two scoops from this premium muscle milk contains 310 calories, 3 g of leucine and 32g protein. The scoops also contains 20 types of minerals and vitamins including fiber.

The Muscle Milk Genuine Protein powder is gluten free so you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Another thing we have to consider is its versatility.

While some whey protein shakes are for pre or post workout, you can use Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Powders either before or after workouts. Yes that shows how really versatile this product is.

And it is also easy to prepare.

Just mix a couple of scoops of the muscle milk containing about 70 g. Mix this in 10 to 16 fl oz and you’ll get a healthy shake that also tastes good.

Drinking muscle milk protein shake as is or add it to smoothies, pancakes or other foods. This is a good option if you want to increase your calorie intake.

Muscle Milk Genuine Protein is also good for those who work out and want to see better results.

Not only does your body’s lean muscle mass increase, but you will also feel improvements in your recovery and endurance.

The rich combination of protein and nutrients give your body the edge it needs to keep working out.


  • Premium muscle milk containing essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Easy to prepare
  • Good for pre and post workout
  • Helps you if you do workout strong
  • Top muscle milk results for skinny guys.


  • Takes some time to take effect


The company makes a lot of good products and, Muscle Milk Genuine Protein is one that manages to rise above the rest.

If you’re looking for a way to build muscles and preserve lean muscle mass, the Genuine Muscle milk containing essential nutrients is the one to get for mass gainers!

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2.  Gainer Protein Powder (Order on Amazon)

Muscle Milk Gainer Powder on AmazonThe Muscle Milk Gainer is for the hard gainer guys, a whopping 32g protein.

Are you skinny, love to workout strong and consistent with little results? Drinking  Muscle Milk Gainer may help you!

Yes you heard me right, if you’d been having some difficulties putting on mass and / or unable to hold onto the muscles you’ve gained, then you’ve got to grab a can of this super formula!

This muscle milk protein shake formula is also aimed at those who are unable to sustain their strength.

Four scoops of this Muscle Milk contains (162 g) has 650 calories, 3 g of leucine and 32 grams of protein.

These amounts were selected because it’s the ideal amount to build up muscle mass and maintain them.

Recommended Usage:

  • For Size and Muscle Mass: Mix 6 oz (162 g, 4 rounded scoops) (2 servings) into 16-20 fl oz
  • For Fewer Calories: Mix 3 oz (81 g, 2 rounded scoops) (1 serving) into 8-10 fl oz

You can take the Milk Gainer before or after workouts, it’s your choice.

Either way, the net effect is the same in that you will gain muscles faster.

This unique muscle milk protein shake is also designed to help user keep those muscles as well.

This is usually the problem with other protein supplements. They do build muscle mass but don’t help much in terms of retaining them.

This is where Milk Gainer has the edge as it ensures your body keeps those muscles and lean mass. As you work out,  these newly preserved lean mass allows your body to do more reps and sets.

This premium muscle milk protein shake is not your typical protein powder shake, as it does more in terms of building up your strength and providing fuel.

An ordinary protein supplement just stuffs your body with protein and that’s it. With Milk Gainer you also get a healthy dose of amino acids and other nutrients.

There are many reasons why Milk Gainer works, but one of the keys is its protein.

The company claims it’s of the highest quality and has NSF certification that ensures it is free of harmful chemicals.

This product is also available in more than 50 flavors including cookies and cream, chocolate and more.


  • Works great for hard gainers
  • Does not clump when mixed
  • Gainer milk contains quality proteins


  • The taste maybe a little too sweet for some


The Muscle Milk Gainer is an outstanding product, and it lives up to the hype. If you count yourself among the hard gainers, this may be the sports supplement for you.

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3.  Original Protein Shake (Order on Amazon)

AMAZON - (Muscle Milk) Original Protein ShakeMilk nutrition is very important, and few provide the same amount of benefits than the Muscle Milk Original.

Each scoop of this milk contains 2 g of fiber, 320 calories, 5 g of sugar and 34 grams of protein, 17 FL OZ pack of 12.

The supplement is also rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. So drinking Muscle Milk Original will give your body these nutrients!

All of these are essential for building up strength and lean muscles.

The Original Shake also contains ingredients that fortify your bones.

It isn’t enough to just have strong muscles as you also need strong bones to stay healthy.

The  Original muscle milk protein shake also has vitamin A and C, so it’s not just your average shake.

It is versatile enough to be used before or after workouts. You can also use this as a form of snack or meal substitute.

Since the product is rich in proteins it’s going to keep you full. Another benefit is you don’t have to wait long to see the effects.

Here is a muscle milk protein shake that promises to help users last longer during exercises and not succumb to fatigue just after few days of taking it!

It also contains all the essential amino acids including BCAAs so it helps the body to receive all the necessary nutrients.

By taking this muscle milk protein shake on a regular basis you’ll build more muscles and strength, plus your protein levels go up faster than before.


  • Improves endurance and recovery
  • Enhances muscle buildup
  • Has no side effects


  • The vanilla cream flavor may be too sweet for a few


A lot of other products have shown up and competition is fierce. But the Original Protein Shake is still one of the best in terms of performance improvement.

It delivers on all the essentials and mixes easily too. For muscle gain and faster recovery, this unique milk contains nutrients that promise to deliver.

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 4.  Muscle Milk Protein Bar (Order on Amazon)

AMAZON - (Muscle Milk) Protein BarThe nutritional facts for Cytosport inc Muscle Milk protein shake supplements are very impressive.

However quality is not limited to their Muscle Milk protein shakes alone!

You also get a lot of health benefits from its protein bar cookies.

These cookies are made from calcium and sodium caseinate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate and whey protein isolate, all essential for muscle growth.

Each bar of this milk contains 190 calories, with no artificial flavors and just 4 g of sugar.

These cookies are also free from collagen, gelatin and gluten. If you are lactose intolerant then this is for you.

These are not your average cookies, as each one is packed with nutrients that build up strength and preserve lean muscle mass.

Its use of the aforementioned whey proteins build up your energy reserves so you can keep working out and get the results you’re looking for.

Aside from boosting strength and muscles, you also get a boost in endurance.

Endurance is key to getting fit, but this protein bar does more as it ramps up your recovery time as well.

You can take these cookies before or after working out.

Plus you can consume this as a snack.

In many ways it is better to eat these as they’re healthy snacks.

No matter how you decide to take these, that doesn’t change the fact that these bars are healthy and provides energy.

Lastly, the cookie is delicious, so you get the best of both worlds.


  • Nutritious
  • Fills you up nicely
  • Quality protein used


  • The flavor may be too powerful for some


Peanut butter cookies don’t have to be unhealthy. Based on the available facts about Muscle Milk Protein Bar, it is possible to make cookies that are tasty and nutritious at the same time.

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5.  Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powder 50 (Order on Amazon)

Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 Amazon BuyIf you’re looking for Muscle Milk protein shake for noticeable weight gain that provides muscle and recovery boost, you consider the Muscle Milk Pro Series protein powder is what you’ll need.

Every two scoops of this Pro Milk contains 320 calories, 50 g of protein and 3 g of sugar.

The Muscle Milk Pro Series protein powder has also been certified by the NSF for sport.

It is also gluten free so you won’t suffer any side effects when using it.

Muscle Milk Pro Series protein powder has 50 grams of protein is of extremely high quality, carefully selected to provide maximum muscle gains.

Generally advised to mix 1 scoop (41.2 g) into 8 fl oz water. Or, mix 2 scoops (82.4 g) into 16 fl oz water

Recommended Usage:

For Size and Muscle Mass: Mix 3/4 cup (82.4, 2 scoops) (2 servings) into 16 fl oz

For Fewer Calories: Mix 6 tablespoons (41.2 g, 1 scoop) (1 serving) into 8 fl oz

Another advantage of this protein powder is you can take it anytime you want.

Muscle Milk Pro Series protein powder is not limited to pre or post workout. Just take the drink regularly and you’ll feel the effects.

The drink is also easy to prepare. Just take two scoops and mix with 10 or 16 oz of water. Stir well and drink.

The chocolate taste is good and it doesn’t leave any bits on your glass. Once you’ve made this a part of your regimen, you’ll see how it boosts protein synthesis as well as your recovery time.

The muscle milk pro series protein is an all purpose energy drink. It is promoted as a powerful muscle builder that also tones and refines existing muscle mass.

With regular intake of milk pro series protein you’re going to feel stronger as your body’s energy reserves go up. You now have extra fuel that your body will need to keep those lean muscles.


  • Delicious taste
  • Promotes muscle growth and boosts stamina
  • Provides fuel for your body


  • The powder consistency is a bit too fine


The Muscle Milk Pro Series Protein Powders provide a lot of power and energy.

There is no shortage of protein shakes, but for taste and results the Knockout Chocolate is hard to top so we recommend it for the fitness buff.

Order your own pack of Muscle Milk Pro Series protein powder directly at Amazon

6.  Muscle Milk Whey Protein (Order on Amazon)

Top Cytosport Muscle Milk Reviews & Supplements For Mass Lean FitnessMuscle Milk chocolate products are plentiful, but the Muscle Milk Protein Powder matches up well with them.

Its vanilla flavor is really good and it contains a nice blend of nutrients.

Each scoop of Whey Muscle Milk contains 2.5 g of leucine, 5.5 g of bound whey protein BCAAs and 25 g of whey protein.

It is this combo that gives it the taste and nutrients you need.

Like other Milk Muscle protein shake products, the 100% Whey Powder is easy to mix. Just stir a scoop in 8 ounces of water and dink.

An alternative is to add the protein into waffles, oatmeal, yogurt, cereal or your other favorite foods.

No matter how you decide to take it, you’re going to enjoy the same great taste along and avail of the nutrients.

This powder’s proteins are of the quick release type so your body can avail of the amino acids quickly.

For the best results you should take this post workout so your body is able to recover faster.

After workouts your body’s energy supply goes down which is why you feel tired., and you’ll be able to refuel, grow and repair muscles.

This supplement contains 18 amino acids, all of which are necessary for you to build up strength. There are no side effects associated with this product.

Muscle Milk Protein Powder: The Pros

  • Tastes good
  • No side effects
  • Comes with lots of nutrients


  • Does not blend as quickly as other Muscle Milk products


The Muscle Milk Protein Powder is another example of how well Cytosport inc makes their products.

It is an excellent source of protein and goes far in building up your strength, endurance and recovery power.

Order your own pack of 100% Whey Powder directly at Amazon

7.  Muscle Milk Light Ready-to-Drink Shake (Order on Amazon)

Muscle Milk LiteThe Muscle Milk Light protein drinks is available in chocolate and other flavors.

And you do not need a shaker bottle as is already mixed for your wellbeing and delight!

Muscle Milk Light is filled with a lot of nutrients that build up resistance, endurance and strength.

Unlike other protein supplements however, Muscle Milk Light is ready to drink.

No need to worry about messy preparations as this is ready to be consumed protein drinks pack.

The Muscle Milk Light protein shake only has 100 calories.

If you’re already getting your calories from your diet, this is the kind of health supplement you will need to keep those calories and your weight under control.

The proteins in Muscle Milk light are dairy based and chosen because of their high quality.

There are also 20 types of vitamins and minerals included so your body gets the best possible results.

The drink has rich, agreeable taste, and it is also sugar free.

Thanks to its high quality ingredients, you can use this to curb your hunger cravings to boost the protein level in your body.

The Muscle Milk Light Ready to Drink Shake has 0 g of sugar, 1 g of fat, 20 g of protein and is gluten free. Serving size: 17 FL OZ.

If you have never tried this product before, it has a smooth taste.

The taste and texture is very much like milk chocolate.

It does not have a chalky taste and doesn’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The Muscle Milk Light Ready to Drink doesn’t need refrigeration, but after opening it does taste better cold.


  • Contains plenty of vitamins and minerals
  • Quality protein used
  • Muscle Milk Light is Lactose free
  • Readily mixed. No shaker bottle needed


  • Low calorie content is not suitable for heavy bulking


The Muscle Milk Light Ready to Drink Shake should suit those who prefer a light, but nutritious drink.

Don’t let the term light fool you, as this is packed with vitamins and proteins your body needs.

Its relatively low calorie content should appeal to those who want to keep their calorie levels manageable.

Order your own pack of Muscle Milk Light Ready to Drink Shake at Amazon

Muscle Milk Nutrition Facts

Generally, muscle milk nutrition facts values vary per Muscle Milk protein shake product.

The 100 calories is common for their Muscle Milk Light ready to drink products. However, their whey protein supplements have higher levels of protein and calorie count.

Aside from grams of protein, most products such as Muscle Milk Genuine, the Milk pro series protein shake etc, contains essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that your body requires to build up muscles and endurance.

The Most Popular Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Creme etc

Muscle Milk protein bars come in many flavors, but the most popular are vanilla creme and chocolate. The choice of flavor is a matter of personal preference.

But regardless which one you choose you’re going to get maximum health benefits. Unlike other whey supplements, the flavors don’t affect the potency.

This is another area why Muscle Milk protein shake products are different from the rest.

One of the biggest criticisms against some protein shakes is the flavors, while adding to the taste, reduces the potency of the proteins.

On the other hand if the flavor is removed, it is very difficult to drink the shake.

This is where Muscle Milk is ahead of the rest, as it manages to add a lot of flavor while still maintaining its efficiency.

Some Common Ingredients

The ingredients depend on the product that you buy. The protein supplements all contain proteins, but the amount of amino acids vary.

Most of them have vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients. These products however, do not have any additives or artificial ingredients that might compromise its effect.

This is another area where Muscle Milk protein shake has the edge over the competition…

whereas products just have low quality ingredients, these have been specially chosen to provide maximum benefits without any side effects.

Any Possible Side Effects?

Muscle Milk protein products have been well tested so it is unlikely there will be any side effects.

A few that may occur is mild bloating, and your stomach might take some getting used to.

However this usually happens if the person takes more than the recommended amount.

As long as you take the proper amount there should be no problems with side effects.

You will also avoid side effects if you take it at the prescribed time. If the label says take before workout, do so.

Top Cytosport Muscle Milk Reviews & Supplements For Mass Lean Fitness

Where to Buy These Products, And Why Amazon is Best?

If you look up Muscle Milk whey protein Costco online, you’re going to find that the product is sold there. You may even find this in GNC and Walmart.

There is nothing wrong with buying from these sites, but for the best price and customer service, Amazon is still the best choice.

What makes Amazon an excellent choice is better costing and generally cost savings strategy for consumers. And they have largest number of products available.

Cytosport inc makes a lot of products and some online stores don’t have all off them. At Amazon however there’s a good chance consumers will have plenty options!

This also afford you having Muscle Milk containing exact type of nutrients and flavors you desire!

Don’t buy Muscle Milk protein shake from unknown websites.

Also steer clear from those that don’t offer information about the product, as it might be counterfeit.

Stick with known quantities and retailers to get your money’s worth.

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What are the Benefits?

As has been shown in the reviews above, there are a wide range of products available, each to suit your specific needs.

While there are different types of products to choose from, they all have protein. Like I’d stated above, this is good news as you can easily get Muscle Milk containing exact value you seek!

Protein is crucial for building muscles, and your body needs it to be healthy and energetic.

Calories is important for general well-being, and Muscle Milk contains high level of calories, and that’s another benefit for those who need to bulk up and add lean muscle mass.

Are you presently working out and looking to build muscles?

Then go for Muscle Milk containing fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients designed for that purposeThe MM Gainer is what you need!

Muscle Milk products offer other benefits:

  • You can use them as meal substitutes.
  • They burn body fat.
  • These supplements provide a lot of other health benefits such increased strength, endurance and fatigue reduction.
  • These products have been thoroughly tested and safe.

These products serve as the perfect complement to your workouts. Regular intake promotes stronger and healthier you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the right Muscle Milk product for me?

It depends on your goals. Look up the reviews above and compare the nutritional features.

For example, do you desire already mixed protein drinks shake? Go for the Milk Light (Ready to Go). Looking to ramp up energy and endurance? Go for Muscle Milk containing proper mixed of the right ingredients, and Genuine comes to mind!

Q: Does Muscle Milk contains dairy or milk?

The protein shakes are non dairy. The Muscle Milk Light Ready to Drink products are based on milk but contain high quality proteins.

Q: What is the best flavor?

Muscle Milk gainer vanilla is one of the popular as well as chocolate. There are other Muscle Milk flavors to choose from, and only you can decide what is best.

However protein powders chocolate and vanilla are the most love!

Q: Is the protein used of high quality?

Yes it is. Protein quality is measured via Protein Digestibility Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS).

Muscle Milk proteins have a PDCAAS score of 1.0. This is the highest score possible and means it has 100% amino acids that your body requires.

Q: Are the products suitable for those who are lactose intolerant?

All Muscle Milk protein shake supps and Muscle Milk Light ready to drink products are suitable for those who are lactose sensitive.

The majority Muscle Milk containing about 1 g of lactose for each serving may not be ideal for you!

Some of their other products have more, so you may want to avoid those if you’re very sensitive to lactose.

Q: Is it true that Muscle Milk products don’t need to be refrigerated?

You don’t need to refrigerate the product if it has not been opened. If the product has been opened, it is best to refrigerate, especially the Muscle Milk Light packs.

Q: Are the products gluten free?

Yes, all of them.

Q: Is it safe for teenagers to take?

The Ready to Drink series are especially suitable for teenagers who want to get fit. It is especially suitable for teens who want to bulk up and get in shape.

Since it is gluten free you don’t have to be concerned of ill effects.

Q: When is the best time to take one of these products?

It depends on the product and you should follow the directions given.

If the product says you can take it anytime, take it before your workout. Doing this will give your body the energy and nutrients you need.

Q: Is Cytosport 100% whey protein powder going to work for me?

Yes it should. The key is to take the product as directed and combine it with exercise and diet..

Q: How long will it take before the product takes effect?

It usually doesn’t take long. Provided you exercise on a consistent basis, you will feel and see the positive effects it has on your body.

More Questions and Answers:

Q: What does Muscle Milk do to the body?

Muscle Milk is a performance-enhancing organic protein supplement. It comes with the ingredients necessary to convert your body into a lean muscle-building machine.

The ingredients include naturally sourced types of protein, like 16 grams of complete protein and 1.5 grams of the amino acid known as Leucine per serving/ scoop.

The overall protein and other ingredients promote serious muscle gains, stronger body and faster athlete.

Q: Is Muscle Milk a good protein?

Just read the muscle milk nutrition facts to understand that is one of the best protein supplements available on the market.

Plus, it is tasty and it delivers a good quantity of complete protein per scoop. Also the protein content is easily digestible.

So consuming it is not really a difficult proposition, ans as it helps increase your protein intake muscle gains is much more possible!

Q: Does Muscle Milk make you gain weight?

If you mean fat accumulation, no it does not!

But if you mean real gains: lean physique, muscle gains the answer is YES!

Each scoop of this supplement only provides 140 calories. This number of calories is so little and unlikely to cause you to gain weight.

Moreover, the fact that you want to take this supplement means you want to work out more. For this reason, the calories in each scoop of Muscle Milk will only serve to give you extra energy to burn fat and calories in the gym.

So you are more likely to lose weight than to get fat when using it.

Q: Does Muscle Milk taste good?

Yes, it is. Muscle Milk is one of the best tasting protein powders you can buy with confidence!

Some people say it tastes even better than most ON supplements and vegan protein powders.

To make a delicious-tasting milkshake using this supplement, you should scoop it twice (using the scoop provided) and add it to a bottle or glass containing eight ounces of water.

If you do this and then mix well, you will have a ready-to-drink protein shake right in front of you.

You can also alternatively add the supplement powder to smoothies, pancakes, or any other recipe you deem fit to enhance their protein content.

Top Cytosport Muscle Milk Reviews & Supplements For Mass Lean Fitness

What are the Benefits of Protein?

One of the most common questions that those new to protein shakes is, why do I need to take protein?

This question is often asked by those who don’t work out. For starters, you should be working out because exercise is good for your health.

But even if you haven’t done any workouts before, protein is essential for your body to function properly. Here are some of the benefits that you will get.

  • Supplies Your Body with Amino Acids

Proteins turn into amino acids which your body needs to function.

When protein turns into amino acids, they stimulate your body and promote muscle growth. Protein is also necessary for muscle repair and maintenance.

In order to bulk up and gain bigger muscles, your body needs protein.

With the protein provided by Muscle Milk, protein synthesis will speed up.  There will be fewer muscle tissue breakdown and faster repair.

Protein synthesis is a natural process, and it is true that you get a lot of proteins from food. However you will get more proteins and build up your muscles from supplements.

You cannot go far in your workouts and diet unless you get a good amount of proteins and other nutrients in your body.

The benefits of proteins are not limited to muscle building however.

When you consume these you’ll get the amino acids that your body needs. You also get the amino acids in the correct ratios so you’ll be better off health wise.

  • Protein is Crucial for Various Bodily Functions

This Muscle Milk protein shake review can also point out that proteins play a major role in keeping your body working.

The most important benefit for fitness buffs is building up your muscles and strength.

However, proteins also keep your bones healthy and strong. With a sufficient amount of proteins your hormone functions improve as well.

The presence of protein compounds in your body also play a huge role in moving nutrients all around your body.

From the Muscle Milk protein shake supplements you take, your body is able to build, rebuild and manage the amino acids in your body.

Your body needs high quality proteins to build up your bones and muscles, and that is what you get with Muscle Milk.

It is also important to consume slow and fast release proteins so your body’s protein level is correct. Protein also makes you feel full, reducing your hunger pangs.

What is the Difference between Casein and Whey Protein?

Whey and casein are both good and your body needs them for muscle maintenance, growth and repair.

The simplest way to explain the difference is that casein protein digests slowly and whey digests quickly. Both are essential and you need them to keep your body going throughout the day.

Casein is good for:

  • Evening snacks to help with muscle repair
  • Casein protein is also good for balancing protein in your body
  • Helps with leucine retention

Leucine is an amino acid and is very important for stimulating muscle growth. The best proteins in these instances are milk protein isolate, micellar protein and sodium caseinate.

Fast digesting whey is ideal for:

  • Muscle building
  • Increasing amino acid levels
  • Provides support after working out
  • Suitable for young and old people

Common ingredients are whey protein isolate, whey peptides, whey protein isolate and concentrate and free amino acids.


The Muscle Milk nutritional information provided here only goes to show why these products are a hit among fitness buffs.

While working out and a healthy diet helps, you’ll need a good amount of protein to bulk up, gain muscle and have greater endurance.

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