Should You Do Bodyweight Training or Weight Training? Expert Shared Tips Resolve This Mystery in Your Favor!

One of the commonly asked questions is “Which type of training should I go for?”.

And the truth is, there are more than those two types!

However, we will keep it simple and divide it into two categories — Bodyweight training and Weight training.

Before we jump into it, we will point out that picking the right one depends on many individual factors, such as fitness level, past and present injuries, as well as other physical limitations.

The truth

Planning Bodyweight Course

The truth is that both types of training have their pros and cons, as well as application.

That is why, you shouldn’t really listen to people who say “Bodyweight is king! Don’t use weights” or vice versa.

And you avoid unproven side-talks like, “Weights are the sh#*, disregard bodyweight exercises!”.

People saying such things are generally ignorant.

Bodyweight exercises are perfect when it comes to increasing relative strength. Strength levels in relation to your body weight.

It would be pretty bad if you can bench 3 plates but you have a hard time completing a set of 50 push-ups, right?

Another plus is that bodyweight exercises do not put excessive tension on the joints, ligaments and don’t stress out the nervous system as much.

Which is exactly why, they can be used during a period of rehabilitation from an injury for example.

On the flipside, we have weight training.

Weight training, needless to say, is the quickest and more effective way of developing an aesthetic and functional physique.

If implemented correctly, weight training will develop explosiveness and help you increase mass and strength substantially.

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What bodyweight training offers

  • Substantial increase in relative strength
  • Spares the joints and ligaments for the most part
  • Perfect for recovery after an injury

We recommend implementing primarily bodyweight exercises, if you are a beginner.

Once it becomes easy to pull/push your own body weight, you can transition to using weights, while still using some bodyweight exercises.

FACSM, Bodyweight exercises are a proven way to get and stay fit. In a time when many people are affected by cutting expenses, body weight exercises are a great way to feel great and look toned without a big financial investment. Georgia State University’s Walt Thompson Ph.D.

What weight training offers

  • Substantial increase in strength
  • More prominent overall muscular development
  • Opportunity to target a given, lacking muscle group and emphasize on its development
  • Target muscle groups that usual bodyweight exercises cannot engage substantially
  • Quicker muscle and strength gains
  • Develops explosiveness

We recommend implementing weight training and primarily focus on it, once you are past the beginner stage and already have a decent level of adaptation.

Benefits of resistance training include improved physical performance, movement control, walking speed, functional independence, cognitive abilities, and self-esteem. US National library of medicine(2)

Which one to pick

Which is Better for best results

So, now that we know the pros and cons of each type of training, which one is the right for you?

The answer is — Both!

Completely excluding and denying either one is pure ignorance.

You can rather try and smartly experiment and combine both bodyweight and weighted exercises.

Keep in mind that using bodyweights, as well as free weights in a combination will certainly develop a better overall, aesthetic muscular development, as opposed to using just one.

With a smart combination, you will not only develop a pleasing to look at physique, but you’ll also be explosive, strong, flexible and a master of your own body.

Below is a table, in which we have given you some tips to help you choose and implement the proper type of training.

Bodyweight exercisesA balanced ratio of bodyweight exercises and weight trainingPrimarily weight training with a good amount of bodyweight work

Chest Exercises: View bodyweight in relation to chest development!


To wrap this article up, we can tell you that there isn’t an ultimate type of training.

Most of all, it is about smartly combining the different types, according to your level of fitness.

If you are just starting to develop physical qualities like strength, strength endurance and cardio endurance, start off by adapting to your own body weight.

Once you advance, move up to weights, but DO NOT forget including bodyweight and mobility work as well!

Keep in mind that tunnel visioning one type of training is a bad idea. Even if you’re training just for looks, your goals should also be to develop a functional body!

You want to be able to push, pull, crawl, swim, jump, sprint, etcetera. Not just lift 140 kg for 1 repetition.

And that is how you become a functional human being.

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