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Nowadays, fitness experts and bodybuilding enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the right supplement to give them that sexy and toned lean body shape without any side effects.

Unfortunately, these kinds of supplements are few in the market.

In the same vein, these few supplements available in the market seem to be hyped-up, cannot deliver any better result.

So, you end up losing your money without gaining anything.

Have you ever heard of the safe var alternative?

Well, P-VAR Elite Series is a product that helps most bodybuilders to attain the hall of fame of perfectly crafted body structure.

I liked it so much that I decided to share my research findings with you.

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The Main Features and Benefits

This product has two distinctive and unique features that make it second-to-none and outstanding. Do you want to know these two key features?

Here we go!

  • A powerful cutting and lean muscle agent

A bodybuilding supplement needs a good and strong blend specifically for preserving lean muscle mass and cutting fat.

So, P-Var Elite Series can help in building strength and also offer a powerful muscular look without losing a lot of muscle mass.

It is strong enough to be used as an independent supplement and works well with other blends of supplement.

  • A legal alternative to Var

Undoubtedly, Anavar is well-known for its efficacy for the burning of fats and its anabolic effects, but it is popularly known for its side effects.

This is a singular reason why you need P-VAR Elite Series – a supplement characterized by such similar qualities but without side effects.

Why You Need P-var Supplement

PVar Elite Series holds a lot of bodybuilding potentials for individuals whose aim is to keep fit and enjoy a well-framed body structure.

Lose Body Weight, Tone and Lean

Enumerated below are the benefits derivable from this supplement.

  • It increases muscle size and strength by solidifying it and removing water
  • It enhances vascularity and nourishes the muscles by providing nutrients as well as oxygen
  • It helps to boost performance by increasing energy, stamina, and strength
  • Also, it improves the composition of the body and muscle mass, thereby enhancing metabolism.
  • Another major advantage is that it burns fat seriously, including visceral and subcutaneous fats.
  • It preserves lean muscle, especially when cutting calories or cycles.

How Does PVar Work?

This product was designed by experts who combined great skill and well-researched effort to ensure safety and highest quality of this supplement.

Also, it was formulated for you to help make the most of your workouts, deal with that stubborn body and belly fats, reduce water retaining capacity of your bone, and produce lean muscle mass that gives you that perfect body composition you deserve.

Anavar Alternative Order

Dosage Instructions

A bottle of PVar Elite Series contains 90 tablets and you are expected to take one tablet twice in a day together with food.

You can even take it on non-workout days but ensure you take it at least an hour before any physical exercise.

This supplement is meant for adult men and women who are 19 years old and above. However, it is not advisable for people who have known medical conditions that may be worsen when this supplement is taken.

Super Ingredients Used and Formulation

The company used ingredients that have been tested and proven over the years to support as well as help athletes especially those who are actively committed to sports, bodybuilding, and fitness to achieve great results without any side effects frequently experienced with steroidal supplements.

The active ingredients used in the manufacture of this product are the following:

  • Whey Protein Isolate

This supplement is fortified with 100mg of whey protein isolate and has a great potential to help you recover from muscle tear while promoting muscle and strength building.

So, you need not worry as whey protein isolate can help you repair any worn-out tissues and rebuild your muscles.

  • Wild Yam

Wild yam 60mg is popularly known for its energy and testosterone boosting potentials and have anabolic effects.

It has been used in the treatment of some diseases particularly those related to sexual and reproductive issues, relieving of joint pain, and arthritis.

Beyond conventional use, wild yam is now been used as supplements to improve your health condition.

  • ATP

Adenosine TriPhosphate is widely used in the fitness and bodybuilding world for its potentials in improving energy levels.

In fact, it is an energy booster! It is blended (at 10mg) in this product to help you perform more reps, strokes, and sets during workouts.

  • Soy Protein Concentrate

Paravar Elite series uses soy protein concentrate 100mg – which contains a high amount of proteins and essential amino acids required to provide noticeable improvements in health, strength, and bodybuilding strategies.

  • BCAA Blend

Branched Chain Amino Acid is known for its potential for building muscles to capacity.

It is blended (at 75mg) in this formulation to stimulate protein production, strengthen the immune system, and assist in recovery after a heavy workout session.

Crazy Mass Cutting Stack with Parava

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Here are the high points of this supplement.

  • It supports fat burning and boosts energy.
  • It is a naturally formulated product.
  • It does not require Post Cycle Therapy.
  • It is completely legal and safe for use.
  • The company ships worldwide but free delivery is available for US and Canada.
  • It has recorded no known side effects ever since its debut in the market.


  • The product is not sold in any online supplement shop.
  • The cost of the product is a little high.
  • The money back guarantee seem to be restrictive.

Where to purchase this Product

This awesome supplement is available online only from CrazyMass website and it is sold in and will last for one month. You can order two bottles of this product and get an additional bottle for free.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The P-VAR Elite Series is extremely an awesome supplement. It is formulated by the combination of completely natural ingredients and in fact, many people who have used it during their cutting cycles experienced better results.

I found many customer reviews at the time of writing and they have awarded PVar 4.9 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said I haven’t seen any change in my life after using the product for one month.”

However, no one else seemed to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it is not a widespread problem. Other customers said, “I love this product”, “awesome supplement”, “I would highly recommend it” …

That makes it easy for me to recommend PVar Elite Series as well.

Bottom Line

It is quite appreciative to see companies like CrazyMass helping sportsmen and women, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts alike to look away from steroids.

So, if you are looking for an effective anabolic supplement to give you significant benefits without any side effects in the long run, then PVar is the answer!

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