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Dianabol Price in Your Country? These Answers Will Surprise YOU!

How much does dianabol cost? This guide tells you how much dianabol costs in the UK, US and other countries.

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While there is plenty of information about dianabol on the web, there is little in the way of reliable information about the price, so we decided to provide this in depth price guide so if you decide to buy, you will get an idea of how much they cost.

Overview of Dianabol and Price

Big Muscle SupplementDianabol is one of the oldest and best known anabolic steroids for muscle and strength buildup.

It became popular among bodybuilders in the 1960s before the governments around the world cracked down on its use due to the possible side effects.

However, legal dianabol alternatives have shown up that don’t have any side effects and are more affordable to boot.

What is Dbol Price in USA?

Dianabol price in USA varies and depends on several factors including the quantity, where you buy, the company, shipping costs and other factors.

These days however you can expect to pay around $0.60 to $0.80 for a single 50 mg tablet.

The cost of a bottle varies, but expect it to be in the range of $60 more or less depending on where you buy and if there’s a promo or discount being offered.

Due to competition among legal dbol manufacturers, the cost has gone down significantly so expect it to be a little lower these days.

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What is Dianabol tablets price in UK and Europe?

If you look up Dianabol price in UK online, you will see that most dianabol sold in the UK are priced from £175 – £210, but just like in the United States there are several factors that affect the cost and bring the price up or down.

Also bear in mind that d bol is available under different names from various companies and sold at differing prices.

100 tablets of Dianabol Meditech at 10 mg for instance, costs around 15 to 30 € while 1000 tablets of Dianabol British Dispensary (5 mg) costs anywhere from 70 to 100 € depending on where you buy.

If you’re interested in ordering Dianabol La Pharma, expect to pay 25 to 30 € for every 100 tablets in Germany and Italy.

Please note these are just price estimates as the prices can change anytime.

While the examples given here are for 100 tablets, some legal dianabol alternatives have only 90 tablets per bottle and that can affect your computation of the price.

What does Dianabol cost in Australia, Asia, and South Africa?

Now let us take a look at the cost of dianabol at various countries around the world.

Illegal in most countriesIn Australia, legal dianabol alternatives cost $50 to $60 a bottle, with the price tag in New Zealand not that far off.

In China, dianabol is usually sold for $40 or less per bottle while it’s a bit more expensive in Japan.

If you’re thinking of importing or ordering dbol from Johannesburg, SA, you’ll need to pay at least R400, though cheaper ones less than R350 are still available.

If you’re looking for diversity in the prices, check out Thailand: go online and you’re going to find dianabol sold under many names and prices.

A pack of Thai Dianabol costs around $35, and for that you’ll get 100 5 g tablets, good enough for a month’s supply or longer depending on how many you take.

If you need more and willing to pay extra, there is Anabol, which retails for $130 and comes with 400 or 500 tablets.

You will also find variations labeled as Special costing anywhere from $45 to $50.

Prices of Legal and Original Steroids

One of the things you will notice when looking up the cost of dbol is it will be determined by its legal status.

The original, raw dbol are banned in most countries or their use is limited only for medical reasons. Not surprisingly, original dianabol is more expensive.

Legal dianabol are less expensive no matter which country you buy from as they don’t have to operate underground.

Not only that, but they’re also safer and don’t have any side effects as they have been fully tested prior to being released to the public.

If you’re a long time dianabol user, it might be tempting to stick with raw, original as it’s the one you’re used to.

However, even a long time bodybuilder knows that dianabol comes with side effects that could adversely affect your health.

Legal dbol such as D-Anabol 25 tablets do not have those side effects and are just as effective if not more, so at the very least consider it.

A Few More Reminders about Dianabol Costs

Once you’ve considered the legal aspects and made up your mind which one to buy, there are a few more reminders to keep in mind; first, whenever possible, buy online.

It is more convenient and in a lot of cases they’re only available on the Internet.

Second, be aware of the shipping cost especially if you’re ordering from another country.

With legal dbol you will notice that most offer free shipping to the US, UK and Canada, and some even offer discounts when you order a specific number of products from their website.

That is something you can look forward to especially if you’re going to order a significant number of dianabol tablets.

However, don’t assume that all of these websites will offer discounts, because not all do.

While your focus is on the price tag, don’t forget to look into the website’s design, thee payment options and security.

If you’re looking for legal dianabol – and you should – look for information about the design, the products they’re offering and if the website is easy to navigate.


If this is your first time to buy dianabol, the first thing you ought to do is research the product and then get an idea of the price.

In the past your options were limited, now that’s no longer true, as dianabol is available in different forms.

Ultimately only you can decide how much to pay for, but you never have to feel forced to spend a particular amount.

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