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Step Up to the Fitness Plate With Basic Step Aerobics

To step or not to step—that is the question. Step aerobics is a great workout and we’ve got the step aerobics videos to prove it! Even if you’re not coordinated, you can still get a great high-calorie-burning workout with our featured step aerobics videos. What is step aerobics? The step itself is a raised platform. There are usually risers on the side that you can adjust to make it more challenging. And that is essentially the entire principle of step aerobics: going up and down stairs. Don’t worry if you’re not ready to put on a pair of spandex and brave your local step aerobics class. Thanks to Slimtree—you can learn and perform basic step aerobics in the privacy of your own home. Our step aerobics instructor has been teaching aerobics for 14 years and is extremely passionate about fitness. Step up your fitness routine with step aerobics videos! All you have to do is log on and start burning calories. It’s that easy! Take a look at one of our sample exercise videos and sign up with Slimtree, today!

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